What do you buy a biker at Christmas? Luckily, we have 10 Christmas Gift Ideas to give you some inspiration.

It’s never easy buying people presents, but motorcyclists can be a fussy bunch at the best of times. So we’ve put together 10 great Christmas Gift Ideas for motorcyclists, hopefully, there’s something here that they’ll appreciate!

1. Gopro 7 Black

10 Christmas Gift ideasWe love the GoPro 7 Black camera, so much so, we bought two to film front and rear. The quality is superb and the stabilisation feature is phenomenal. They’ll love the ease of use with its one touch ability to turn on and begin recording at up to 2.4k resolution (to you and me that means the picture quality is really bloody clear and crisp) and one touch to stop recording and power down to save battery.

Combine this with the smart remote and you have a pretty damn good set up to capture all those wheelie good moments.

GoPro 7 Black

GoPro Smart remote

2. Trickle Charger

10 Christmas Gift ideasIn the middle of the British winter the weather can sometimes be a little odd to say the least but sometimes, the sun comes out, the temperatures rise a little and it makes for a superb riding opportunity.

But there’s nothing worse than going to fire up your steed only to discover the battery is dead. A trickle charger will keep it charged up through winter.

This keeps the battery healthy and prepped for those rare moments the sun comes out for the day and you want to go for a play!

Motorcycle battery charger

3. Sealskinz

Christmas gifts for bikersWhat’s a Sealskin? Sealskinz are developed by athletes to keep adventurers, explorers and bikers out for longer. They do a range of items but specifically we’re referring to socks.

As most of us will have experienced, motorcycle boots rarely stay dry for long. Sealskinz have a kind of neoprene outer and soft and fluffy inner so keeping your feet warm but dry for hours and hours.

They are pretty awesome and can save a lot of shrivelled up toes. We love them.


4. Heated Gloves

10 Christmas Gift ideas So you’ve treated them to dry, warm feet, how about some warm hands?

In surveys, bikers stated that cold and/or wet hands were the biggest annoying factor about riding in the winter.

Having cold wet hands is said to be very distracting, so let’s help bikers out here with a pair of tried and tested and recommended heated waterproof gloves from RST. 

These intelligent muffs will keep their hands dry and toastie warm on a long ride. They’ll thank you for it, that’s for sure.

They simply recharge with a USB cable, are lightweight and pack plenty of warming fluffy material

RST Heated Gloves

5. Motorbike DVD

10 Christmas Gift ideas Bikers love DVD’s, so if you’re on a tighter budget why not treat them to something entertaining to watch during the winter months

Theres a whole host of titles to choose from but some of the more popular DVD’s are listed below, either way, it’s a sure fire way to brighten up a dreary winters afternoon

Closer to the edge DVD

Road DVD

Long way Down

6. Puncture repair kit

Motorcycle puncture repair This is essential kit for the discerning rider who doesn’t want to find themselves stranded, especially on a tour.

Small and compact, a motorcycle puncture repair kit can fit under the bike seat tucked away and hopefully never needed but there just in case.

Another good gift this Christmas for bikers is tyre goo. A liquid that prevents punctures. High recommended and used by Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd.

Puncture repair kit

Bike Seal Puncture Prevention

7. One years road tax!

I admit, this sounds a bit odd, but it’s a novel idea. Simply give them a card with an I.O.U slip stating “One years Road Tax” or just write in the card.

It’s one of those presents that has consideration and thought put into it and can make a big difference to a bikers budget.

It may not fall into the usual category of presents to buy a biker but it’s a little different and may go a long way!

8. Fuel Voucher

Here’s another novel idea, buy them a fuel voucher. With a tank of fuel costing as much as £35 for larger motorcycles, this may just have saved a motorcyclists sanity when they’re low on cash.

9. Bluetooth Helmet set

10 Christmas Gift ideas Having a Bluetooth intercom helmet setup is a real bonus for bikers. It not only allows them to communicate with each other in the go but also allows the rider to listen to music, the radio or take phone calls without having to pull over.

There are many available on the Internet but which do you choose?

It’s best to go for a branded make, rather than a Chinese import, that said, some riders have reported that they have had great success from cheap versions of helmet Bluetooth intercom systems.

Here’s a couple of examples, the first one being a cheaper alternative, whilst the second is more reliable branded version.

Helmet Bluetooth Intercom System

Sena Bluetooth Helmet Intercom

10. Motorcycle Book

What better way to pass the time on a ferry, a plane or train journey that getting stuck into a good motorcycle book.

There’s plenty to choose from out there from adventure riders exploring the planet to solo female motorcyclists on daring expeditions.

What makes a good book is one that captivates the mind and whisks you off into the authors world. Here’s a couple to choose from.


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