2021 Motorcycle Tours
Motorcycle Tours 2021

Hello fellow riding companions


It’s been an odd year so far I think we can all agree. With travel arrangements being disrupted it has caused an inconvenience for many wanting to get away from it all. However, despite the challenges we’ve faced, the future looks bright for 2021 Motorcycle Tours.


We have been taking plenty of bookings for 2021 motorcycle tours, so much so that we are introducing new dates in the coming months for tours in 2021 to cope with the demand. Here at GMT HQ we have been working on new exciting routes as well as improving the existing ones our customers love so much. A few of the new routes we are looking forward to exploring will be a Cambodia motorcycle tour, Australia motorcycle tour, South Africa Motorcycle tour and Colorado


Over the next few weeks we will be developing a number of UK mini tours, guided and some self-guided, which will give riders an opportunity to get away from home, have a friendly beer with mates and feel the breeze again. It may not be the same as riding over the Stelvio Pass, or riding through the Medina in Marrakesh but it will certainly bring smiles all round and that’s what we all need right now, we need to get out on our bikes and have fun, meet like minded people and enjoy a beer as we watch the sun set.


Some interesting developments will be happening here at GMT HQ as well, so keep your eyes peeled on the website for updates. Until then, stay safe, plan your trip for 2021 and let’s make it a year to remember for all the right reasons



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