5 Best Motorcycle Tours for 2020. Next year treat yourself to a fantastic experience from one of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours as recommended by bikers

Whether you prefer to tour alone or in a group, this list of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours will provide plenty of fun and excitement for any style of rider

The world is your oyster and with it becomes a wealth of excitement, fun and thrilling riding but how can you increase your chances of getting the most out of your journey?

For some, it’s a case of packing the least amount of kit, grabbing a map and heading off to explore. For others however, they prefer to plan ahead and find places of interest, stunning scenery and some of the best riding roads on our planet.

Here are the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours for 2020. Caution, you may get sweaty palms and an urge to book one of these tours when reading this.

1. North West Mountains of Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

If you’re the adventurous type and live to explore some of the most fascinating scenery and culture on our planet, whilst riding a motorcycle, then why not try the North Mountains of Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. It’s thrilling, exciting and a cultural experience all in one.

Led by professional Vietnamese English speaking guides, one of which, is an off road riding competitor, you’ll be taken to places beyond your wildest dreams with a bit of banter and plenty of laughs thrown in for good measure

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

The food is delicious, and no pets are served up at meal times! Instead, there’s an array of options from fried pork, spring rolls and greens, to rice and noodle soup, which is scrumptious.

Youll be riding a nearly new well serviced and maintained Honda CRF250 or Kawasaki KLX250 with an Asian frame, meaning the bikes are suitable for the shorter legged variety of our species.

They’ll be plenty of time to wander around the capital of Hanoi, visit the temple on the lake and buy some souvenirs to take home before heading off out into the wilderness along dirt tracks and trails through the mountains.

Some of the trails can be a little overwhelming for some but there’s always an alternative option to follow the support vehicle on a less demanding surface.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

The tour finishes in Ha Long Bay, where you’ll spend the night on a boat surrounded by 1,000’s of small islands. There’s time to grab a canoe and go for a paddle, learn, about oyster farming or just chill out on the boat and enjoy the cuisine.

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

The North Mountains Tour of Vietnam is a stunning and unforgettable experience not to be missed and is definitely worthy to be in our list of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours

2. Morocco Motorcycle Tour

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

Morocco motorcycle tour in North Africa is a well balanced mix of stunning roads, scenery, adventure and culture.

The journey through Spain takes in some incredible riding roads, for example; the Ronda Valley is an impressive ride through the mountains with views across the valley. A road that is famous for bikers, it offers some breathtaking long sweeping bends with an amazing backdrop.

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

Heading into Morocco, you’ll experience the wonderfully friendly culture, the food, smells and sights on offer. From the Riff Mountains to the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert. There’s always an adventure style influence.

Stay, the night in the Sahara Desert and be entertained by Berbers bashing their drums and dancing around a roaring fire. Look up at the night sky and spot the shooting stars before heading off to bed. It’s an out of this world experience.

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Riding through the AtlasAtlas Mountains that hug the Sahara Desert, you’ll be treated to more breathtaking scenery, such as; Todra Gorge, Gorge Dades and Cascade Du Ouzoud before heading to Marrakech to mingle with the locals and barter in the souks, all with the support of your professional tour guide.

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

Morocco motorcycle tour is a favourite among bikers looking to take European riding to another level. It offers an exciting journey to the best locations in Morocco.

3. Romania Motorcycle Tour

Romania Motorcycle tour

Although Romania is a little farther away than your typical European riding hotpots, it is definitely worth the journey.

Romania has earned its right to be on our top 5 Best Motorcycle Tours because of its beauty. From the Carpathian Mountains to the wildlife that can be seen here, which you don’t get in western Europe.

The route takes you to caves, once jointly inhabited by bears, wolves and people! Whilst the roads aren’t the smoothest we agree.

Romanian authorities have invested a ton of money into improving them, and this is evident in the Transalpina Highway (The Devils Highway) where the tarmac is ribbon smooth.

If you get the chance, you’ll spot wild brown bears, wolves and eagles soaring above. The wildlife here is amazing.

Romania Motorcycle tour

We came around a bend on the Transfagarasen Highway, just after stopping to take pictures of an amazing waterfall and were stunned to see a brown bear crossing the road. It was flipping amazing

The mountain scenery is incredible in Romania and absolutely worth the effort.

For a unique experience and earn the opportunity to say, you’ve ridden to Romania from the UK on the Romania Motorcycle Tour get yours booked today.

4. Grand Alps Motorcycle Tour

Alps motorcycle tour

One of the most visited locations by bikers in Europe is the Alps and you can clearly see why when you watch the videos and do the research.

The Alps has thousands of passes running over the most impressive mountain scenery. The roads are like race tracks, weaving through impressive landscapes and offer every rider the choice of cruising along to admire the beautiful backdrop, or blast some cobwebs away.

With so many mountain passes it’s easy to get dizzy as you negotiate hundreds of hairpin bends and switchbacks. The food is pretty damn good as well, oh and the beer tastes good too.

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

There are so many passes it’s difficult to list all of them, but the key ones are; Grimsel Pass, Stelvio Pass, Grossglockner Pass, St Bernadino Pass, Sussen Pass, Nufenen Pass, the list goes on and on.

The Grand Alps motorcycle tour is quite literally a blast. Fun, thrilling and exciting, teamed with incredibly clean countries, smooth roads and fantastic, breathtaking scenery. It sure is a winner from us.

5. Laos Motorcycle Tour

Laos Motorcycle Tour

We couldn’t leave this article without a shout out to our Laos Motorcycle Tour, which is unmistakably worthing of being in the top 5 Best Motorcycle Tours.

Laos is a country that borders Vietnam and Cambodia. A culturally diverse and scenic location in Asia it is often overlooked. However, Laos has an incredible culture, history and diversity.

5 Best Motorcycle Tours

For adventure riders and explorers alike, Laos Motorcycle Tour provides riders with an incredibly humbling experience.

From the Buddhist monasteries and architecture, to the wildlife and the scenery. It provides endless eye popping opportunities.

Riding a motorcycle through Laos is a once in a lifetime experience and for some, a great privilege to experience the culture, smells, sights and sounds. It’s a breathtaking experience.

If you have a fascination for the Buddhist culture, want to meet some of the most humble people you’ll ever meet, then this is a tour you must try.

That’s rounds up our 5 Best Motorcycle Tours for 2020. I hope enjoyed the article and that it helped in some way towards choosing your motorcycle tour in 2020.

Ride safe



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