5 Reasons To Go On A Morocco Motorcycle Tour
Morocco motorcycle Tour

Morocco is the most easily accessible country on the African continent from Europe by motorcycle. Just a couple of hours on a ferry from the south of Spain and you’re in lush green lands mixed with stunning landscapes, warm weather and an extremely friendly culture

The minute you arrive in Morocco, a sense of adventure begins unfolding, an urge inside you builds up and the excitement becomes overwhelming. You’ll feel an eagerness to head off to explore this stunningly scenic and culturally rich land. The customs procedure has become easier, meaning, you’ll be out of the port and on the road to some of the most incredible locations the country has on offer quicker than you think.

Its safe too, the friendly locals will often stop beside you by the side of the road and ask if you’re OK. “Do you need help” they’ll ask even if you are just browsing your sat nav. They are eager to please, eager to make sure you feel welcome and would think nothing of inviting you into their home for tea or help you fix a broken down motorcycle. It’s a humble experience in its own.


One of the reasons to visit Morocco is because its so friendly. A mostly Muslim populated COUNTRY, the people are incredibly helpful and heart warming. You only need to ask someone directions and they will take you there in a blink of an eye. If you’re in need of assistance they will not hesitate to stop what they’re doing and help. They are mostly relaxed and enjoy life, keeping things simple, offers less complications.


Escorted Morocco motorcycle Tour

There have been many times we have approached total strangers to ask for something and they react by inviting you to drink hot sweet mint tea whilst they assist you. A very humble experience.


If you spend the time learning about their culture it provides a wealth of knowledge and intrigue. Put away the media, tabloids and Internet resources for a moment and speak to them in person and it opens a whole new perspective on their lifestyles, their struggles and their happiness achieved through beliefs and traditions. Listen to what they have to say, it’s far better to hear it from the organ grinder and not the monkey. Much of the outside world is misrepresented in many ways and often over exaggerated. When you come to meet these people your mindset will undoubtedly change.


The scenery in Morocco is fabulous. From the Riff Mountains in the North that display lush green pastures and thick clouds rolling over the hills to arrid deserts and forests further south.

When you reach the Atlas mountains the landscape comes alive with waterfalls, oasis, canyons and gorges as well as impressive mountain ranges and of course the Sahara Desert. It’s a far contrast from the north. Another reason why so many love the country and often make comments such as “everyday, every corner, is always different and exciting…”

Taking the time to spend the night in the Sahara Desert is an absolute must. The experience of sleeping the night in the desert in a Bivouac after a short camel ride, and sleeping under the stars with a roaring fire and Berbers playing music, singing and dancing, is truly magical and can only be experienced to be believed

Morocco Motorcycle Tour


Aside the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, such as Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes and so on, the majority of the roads are quiet with little traffic.

Further south there is even less and its not uncommon to be riding an hour and only seeing one or two vehicles. You’ll often pass a lorry fully loaded with commuters, sheep, goats, cotton or hay and straw, swaying as the top heavy load puts immense strain on the suspension. It’s an absolute buzz.

You’ll pass through the occasional small town during market day, whilst the pace is slow for a moment, the smells, sights, sounds and people bustling about is memorising almost putting you into a trance like state. People selling cattle, haggling on fur, fruit and vegetables and vehicles and people in every direction, its such an exciting experience you really must do it.


I’ve travelled to many countries in the world and Morocco is by far one of the most alluring countries of them all. Riding a motorcycle through this magical land is a dream. Its full of excitement, adventure and lovely, lovely people. Even the police Checkpoints are friendly (if you know how to deal with them) and won’t hassle you when you’re a bigger group.

The food is delicious, from Tagine’s, which are clay pots containing mixtures of vegetables, meat and spices are just devine, to more basic and we’ll known dishes such as chicken and chips, omelette and couscous. There is always a dish for everyone.

The hustle and bustle of the cities soon becomes an exciting opportunity to barter and find excellent souvenirs or keep safes. Leather is very popular and can be sought for very little money. The currency used is Dirhams, it is a closed currency, meaning you are not allowed to leave the country with it, so you must spend it before leaving or exchange it back to Euros.

You don’t need a Visa to enter the country and a green card required to provide 3rd party cover  insurance for your vehicle costs around €60 for 10 days.

The best way to experience Morocco is with an organised tour. Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd have been travelling to Morocco for 5 years and have clocked up over 30,000 miles riding in the beautiful country with no less than 10 successful tours, so they know a thing or two on what works and what doesn’t.

If you would like to join them on their next tour, head over to their booking page for more details and have the time of your life. You won’t regret it. www.guidedmotorbiketours.co.uk/morocco-motorcycle-tour


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