5 Top Reasons Why You Should Go To Morocco

Morocco sits on the northern edge of Africa, the 2nd largest country in the world. Bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans, Morocco is influenced by its Berber, Arabian and European cultures. With temperatures ranging from single figures in the North to highs of 40c and above in the south in the Sahara Desert, it provides manageable temperatures and clear blue skies for us Brits, providing you visit at the right time of year. Average temperature is around 20 – 30c

Morocco has been, for many decades, a popular filming location, with many blockbuster movies being filmed here due to its rugged and varied landscapes. Films such as Black Hawk Down, Bourne Supremacy, Babel, Jewel of The Nile and dozens more have all taken place here in Morocco and it’s not uncommon to see film sets when riding through the country, as was the case on one of our tours.

Its a safe country too, there have been no terrorist attacks in Morocco since 2011. Compare this to the UK that experienced over 4 serious incidents in 2017 alone, it’s considered, statistically, safer than Britain! Most travellers entering the country on motorcycle don’t spend too much time in the main cities and are using their time to explore the country and its beauty, rather than go shopping!


Morocco is home to Berbers, Arabians and Europeans, making it a diverse but hospitable culture. The inhabitants are very friendly and you’ll find it quite common to be invited into the homes of the Berber families to join them sipping on hot sweet mint tea, sat on a cushion in one of the mud houses looking out over the deserted land. If you speak a little French, you’ll even be able to have a conversation but fear not, even the international language of hand gestures and pointing,  generate a few laughs and giggles. Willing to help, the Moroccans are taught as part of their religion to welcome strangers and be kind to them and they certainly are!


When people talk about Morocco, its often of how pretty and diverse the landscape is. With mountains, hills, oasis, desert, arid wasteland and impressive waterfalls, it’s a beautiful location, filled to the brim with delightful views and stunningly inspirational scenes of communities going about their business.  You could be riding on smooth tarmac roads through deserted wasteland for an hour, then climbing up into the Atlas Mountains the next, followed by a descent into the Sahara Desert and riding a camel or quad bike that afternoon. The next day you could be riding through gorges where craggy dark red rock faces Tower above you.


It’s good to know that the temperature rarely falls below double figures in Morocco. In the North, it can be much cooler due to the Riff Mountains, which create some unusual weather patterns.  Further south, the temperature can reach 30c+ in the desert even during winter months, in the summer months temperatures can soar into the mid 40’s. Average daily temperature is a suitable 20-25c during the autumn and spring  months, making it much more comfortable for the British rider. It’s also good to know that it stays relatively dry. Even during autumn and winter months the south is typically dry. In the north you will encounter the odd shower, evident by the lush green pastures. Overall, it’s a very pleasant climate to ride in from September to May. The dry deserts and arid lands in the south provide the rider with the driest riding experiences


Escorted Morocco motorcycle TourMoroccans eat well, typical dishes will include chicken, goat, lamb and vegetables. Tagines are very tasty and combine vegetables and meat with lots of herbs and mild spices. You can sit and relax eating tapas in a cafe, relaxing with views across the Souks (large marketplaces, where locals gather to socialise and sell goods ranging from, gold, handcrafted goods, produce and meat as well as clothing and an abundance of fake watches and designer apparel) Souks occupy the Medinas, a walled area with seemingly endless alleyways filled to the brim with rows of stalls. It’s a little overwhelming at first but you soon get the hang of it and the comings and goings of everyday life is a joy to see. Be sure to head over to the tannery, where age old traditional leather making process still exists. It’s a little smelly, as the hides are soaked in urine as part of the tanning process but to witness the effort and hard work that goes into making the leather, which, will be turned into goods such as; bags, coats, shoes etc, is well worth it.


Guided Morocco motorcycle TourIf, like many riders from the UK, you haven’t travelled much further than say Spain, Italy, Germany or France, Morocco is an ideal playground that will give you the immediate impression you are much further a field than you really are and is a fantastic way to ease you into touring in a country with a much more diverse culture than Europe without fear of danger. Although Morocco is just a stones throw away from Spain you are immediately immersed into a completely different world, new smells, scenery and intriguing cultures one would only normally find in the middle east. As you reach the south via the Atlas Mountains (which are immensely stunning) you are greeted by camels and Berbers wandering around. It really is quite exciting and an exquisite way of experiencing what adventure touring is all about.

If you feel that touring in Morocco is something you’d like to have a go at, Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd offer a fully Escorted Motorcycle tour over there. Accommodation, ferries and even the routes are all taken care of, so all you need to worry about is enjoying the ride and experiencing the delights of this very attractive country that has become increasingly popular to bikers of all ages.

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