Happy New Year riders and pillions!


We hope you had a good Christmas and have been showered with useful gifts but now it’s time to start planning ahead.
2018 is going to be the year to go touring, oh yes it is! (can you tell I’ve been to a panto!). What with Brexit in the pipeline and soon to be finalised (2089), we need to get our diaries out and plan our tours. 2018 brings a whole host of amazingly fun and entertaining tours. When we run a tour we don’t just lead a group of strangers, we create a team, a bunch of friends who will have a great deal of fun and laughter. As one of our customers said in one of our reviews “I have never laughed so much in all my life”
But it’s not all just about laughing and making your sides ache, we provide some of the finest routes, some of the most magnificent scenery and (based on feedback) probably the most attentive experience you’ll have touring with an organised group.
So without further ado, use the search h form below or search the site for your tour. Grab them quick!
I’ll see you on the tour!
Chris Seagal

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