Discover far away lands on one of our superb Adventure Motorcycle Tours, epic scenery, stunning trails and tarmac roads as well as humbling cultures and some of the most fantastic photo opportunities on the planet. Ride with us on our fully supported tours to some of the worlds most incredible destinations

Romania Motorcycle Tour

Romania & Carpathian Mountain Fully Guided Motorcycle Tour offers Stunning landscapes with  roads that are absolutely brilliant. Ideal for seasoned
17 days
3500+ miles

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour is one of our favourites. A fascinating country. 99% tarmac roads, great food, awesome people and trouble
19 Days
3500 Approx

Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tour

A motorcycle tour that takes you through Vietnam to discover the history and the sublime scenery and riding trails along
14 days

Vietnam Mountains Motorcycle Tour

A more demanding and technical riding tour through Vietnam to explore the mountains and numerous trails through the north west.
14 days
Approx 1600km

Corsica Motorcycle Tour

Corsica, France and Italy Motorcycle tour with ferry crossings included in the price. Fully escorted tour into the heart of
16 days
2500 approx

Vietnam Into Laos Motorcycle Tour

Vietnam into Laos Motorcycle Tour - 14 days of fun, thrills and an exciting opportunity to discover the best sights
14 days
1100 miles

Norway Motorcycle Tour

Norway Motorcycle Tour - A thrilling experience to see the magnificent landscapes, fjords and Viking history of Norway
18 Days

4x4 Off Road / Tarmac Adventure Tours Vietnam

Jump in a 4x4 truck and go exploring on this self-drive 4x4 adventure tour through Vietnam. Go alone, bring your
13 Days
1800 miles

Italy & Alps Motorcycle Tour

14 day gorgeous tour through northern Italy, Lake Garda & Como, The Dolomites, Stelvio Pass and more, what a treat!
14 days
2500 approx

4x4 Off Road / Tarmac Adventure Tours Vietnam

beautiful trip, Ford Ranger is amazing 🙂

Thomas Salisbury

Vietnam Mountains Motorcycle Tour

Another tour completed with gmt and once again everything was great and well organised, I’ll be back for more in the near future, Vietnam is highly recommended along with this company


Vietnam Mountains Motorcycle Tour

Did the 2020 February tour, it was an incredible experienced & very well organized. Bikes were great and accommodation was everything that you would expect: local, clean and comfortable. I would strongly recommend this tour. Thank you Chris, Gnoc and all support for memories that can’t be forgotten!

Lewys O Priehs

Vietnam Mountains Motorcycle Tour

Just returned from The north Vietnam mountains tour and have huge holiday blues already! What a trip!!! A real eye opener, great culture to immerse yourself in and beautiful scenery too. The off road trails were absolutely fantastic and the guide really put us through our paces. Gnoc was always at hand to give information about the country, culture and riding. I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone looking for a bit of adventure

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