Guided Motorbike Tours is a fast growing business within an evolving industry that appears to be growing substantially year after year. 

With over 1.2 million motorcycles on our roads, with over half that number being larger bikes with bigger needs in terms of equipment, accessories etc, we understand it’s a multi billion pound industry

GMT are beginning to see the importance of social media and as such we now have a wide presence on the internet, mainly through our Facebook page which currently has over 7,000 members  and growing daily. Our website receives over 250,000 visits per annum and our videos via youtube can receive over 5000 views, this is without any proactive marketing

We currently have opportunities for manufactures of motorcycle vehicles, clothing and accessories to advertise on our website and within our social media platforms. We would also like to offer the ability to test and review products, motorcycles or equipment that can be shared and distributed among our followers, clients (approx 500 per year) and other marketing avenues, giving you far more exposure in front of the people most likely to purchase your products.

In goes without say that the conversion rates would be much higher than for example, Facebook or Adwords advertising campaigns

Rates From as low as: £25 p/m

Current locations:

  • Front page banner ads (
  • Tour page column ads
  • Facebook posts
  • Video/Vlog credits
  • Review blogs
  • Review Vlogs
  • Instagram exposure

If you would like further details on advertising with GMT – please contact Chris