Tunisia Motorcycle Tour

Join us on a true adventure tour riding through Tunisia and experience a true sense of exploration as we head
17 days

South Africa Motorcycle Tour

Includes bike hire, Fuel, hotels, Safari, support vehicle etc....
14 days
2000 approx

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour is one of our favorites. A fascinating country. 98% tarmac roads, great food, awesome people and trouble
17 days
3500 Approx

France Motorcycle Tour Vosges Mountains & B500

Vosges and B500 tour Aug 18
I did the Vosges and B500 tour and was impressed with the standard of the organisation and accommodation on the tour. Chris had good local knowledge and tailored each day’s stops to the needs of the group. The corner marker system works well allowing riders to ride at their own pace and we managed to make all our stopping points without loss. On this tour we diverted to miss the B500 to Baden Baden from Triberg due to foul weather. A little disappointing, but good to know that Chris put the safety of the group first rather than press on regardless. I opted to take my chance and share a room, but all rooms were spacious with twin beds so this was never a problem. I would definitely go again.

David McKane

France Motorcycle Tour Vosges Mountains & B500

Just back from August 2018 Vosges and B500 tour. I have been touring Europe for about 15 years and during that time have used a variety of guided tour companies and I can thoroughly recommend Chris and his team. On this particular tour we did not get to do the B500 and (although I have done it before) I was slightly disappointed, There was a storm brewing over Baden Baden and Chris wanted to avoid it and I understand his concern for safety of the group. All in all a very nice, short, 5 day tour visiting a mountain range that was new to me