Tunisia Motorcycle Tour

Join us on a true adventure tour riding through Tunisia via tarmac roads.
16 days

South Africa Motorcycle Tour

Includes bike hire, Fuel, hotels, Safari, support vehicle etc....
14 days
2000 approx

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour is one of our favorites. A fascinating country. 99% tarmac roads, great food, awesome people and trouble
17 days
3500 Approx
Paul Sheard

Alps Motorcycle Tour

Well a weeks along time they say , Last week i was on the Alps tour with 11 great people thanks to you all .My expectations where high as to what this tour would throw at me and what i would make of it.Well Words can’t describe what I saw and did..Our tour guide “SNIPS” took us everywhere roads,passes, Scenery ,hotels all perfect and the man himself Brilliant in every way .Thanks for another great tour from Guide Motorbike Tours ,and Craig (snips)Parsons hope to see you in 2019.

Pete Hallett

Alps Motorcycle Tour

Just a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Challenging rides with the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the alpine scenery. Had the pleasure of great company and our guide, Snips, managed the group very well and kept pulses racing with a good pace and excitement at every turn. This is clearly a company that’s passionate about making sure their customers have a great time biking and I would thoroughly recommend.