Join us on a truly amazing experience through Spain and Morocco. A popular tour for anyone looking for an adventure without the need to go off road

Why chose Morocco?

Africa is such a diverse country and the differences are huge depending on where you go. From the south of the country to the north. Our most popular tour is in Morocco, It’s just a stones throw away from mainland Europe but sense of adventure could lead you into believing you were in the middle east.

The north part of Morocco is lush green with fields stretching for miles leading to the Riff Mountains in the North East. The weather here is mild. Then as you head further south towards the Sahara Desert the land becomes more interesting as you reach the Atlas Mountains.

Monkeys play in the forests, Berbers go about their business rounding up camels and the scenery is sublime

If you are a worldly traveller, then no. If you are fairly new to travelling outside of Europe it can be a mild culture shock but in a good sense. The hospitality of the Moroccans is very humbling. They will stop and help you if you are in need of it for any reason and will go out of there way to assist you or support you if you need it. They are incredibly friendly and humble people who like to socialise.

Morocco has always been one of the safest and most helpful countries we’ve visited, crime is very low here and they generally keep themselves to themselves where politics and worldwide issues are concerned

Morocco is best known for its scenery, especially in the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains, where you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning sunsets, rugged mountains reaching heights of 3000m, impressive and breathtaking gorges carved through the mountains and mega waterfalls just outside of Marrakesh.

The temperature during April and October is best, usually around 20c in the northern parts and as high as 35c in the south in the Sahara Desert. The weather has always been kind to us and we see minimal amounts of rain.

During one of the Morocco tours, one of the tour guides had a flat tyre, instead of expecting the clients to wait beside the road in the warm temperature, they were asked if they wanted to continue along the road to a cafe the tour leader was aware of to shelter from the sun. In the 45 minutes it took to change the inner tube, the tour leader was offered assistance by every driver that passed (4). He was offered help to put his bike on the back of a pick-up truck and offered help to fix the repair. Fortunately, the tour leader had it all under control with the help of one rider who stayed behind to assist and was back on the bike in no time. They then caught up with the group that found the cafe just up the road for refreshments and the tour resumed.

The food is actually very tasty. The main dish is Tagine, a mix of herbs, vegetables and meat (or just vegetables) cooked in a clay pot for several hours served with bread or couscous. Many places sell a range of different dishes from; chicken, chips, omelette, burgers, fish and so on.

Many of the larger hotels serve alcohol, however, some of the smaller ones do not due to their religious beliefs. Our tour guides do know some hidden away places in a couple of towns we stay, where the hotel may not serve alcohol but a good drink and meal is possible

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour is one of our favourites. A fascinating country. 99% tarmac roads, great food, awesome people and trouble free riding.
4.88 / 8 reviews
per person
19 Days
3500 Approx

Here's what our customers say about this tour

Dave Gornall

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Well what can I say?Just recovered after being back two weeks and still a smile on my face after this fantastic tour to Morocco.Chris and Fletch were our tour guides which took us through Spain and then Morocco.We experienced some fantastic routes through both countries and it far more than I expected.Ronda valley in Spain to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and a great adventure in Marrakesh on our way to the hotel all things i’ll Never forget.Had some great people on the tour with us don’t know if they could weigh us northerners up but we all had a great time and some great laughs.Thanks a lot and from Dave and gadget!!

Aaran Simpson

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Hi im going to cheat a little here as i have actually done this trip twice, both in 2016 and in 2017 and guess what ive pre booked again 2018 and this is why:

Morocco in the gate way to Africa.
You leave Europe behind and so the adventure will begin.

I have will travel though mountain passes and valleys so high the tops can not been seen, with tarmac ribbon like roads draped over, along and though them.
I have seen deserts that go on for so long you can actually all most see the earth curve.
The people are incredibly welcoming, you soon feel very relaxed.
The places ive stayed, every where from a camel ride into the Northern Saraha desert under a tent with a camp fire to a mountain carved hotel room over looking a Arab valley.
Its not to mention the friends you will make, please dont let the fact that you ridding solo stop you.
Trust me, that changes on the first day
The experience of this trip alone will change you, it makes you stronger, it will open your eyes to the beauty what is out there

Guided motorbike tours with Chris and Craig do a absolute fantastic job with this trip.
Extremely well planned and the best bit there proper honest bikers.
Ive forgotten how many trips 4/5? with another two pre booked.
If your reading this considering booking, gust do it and ill see you on it.


John Connelly

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

There are a lot of tours and lots of great things that you can do on your motorbike but Chris, Snips and the team at Guided Motorbike Tours have managed to combine the both into what can only be described as incredibly exciting adventures.

I have just returned from their Morocco tour from 14 April 2017 until 30 May 2017 and it was definitely one of the best experiences that anybody can have on two wheels.

The organisation of the tour, the size of the group, the knowledge conveyed by the company and Snips, our tour guide, was fantastic and this meant that the whole experience felt safe and comfortable with everyday providing a new adventure and different type of challenge and experience. The routes were well researched and variable on a daily basis.

Morocco provides a unique opportunity to enjoy every type of road and to witness the most beautiful scenery that the world has to offer. Couple this with extremely comfortable and well chosen hotels, the use of “local” or traditional cafes during the day and the experience of riding through this amazing country while witnessing the local way of life. This tour provides memories to treasure for a very long time.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Chris for organising this tour, Snips (Craig) for leading it and my fellow riders for making this tour an adventure in a life time. Thanks again and good luck and I wish you every success for the future.


Nigel Crowley

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco was my second tour with this company. I had a super time exploring the varied and roads and scenery.of this fascinating country. Snips was our leader and he was faultless in organising routes and hotels whilst leaving the group the freedom to chose stop points for meals. The guides are well equipped to meet unforseen mishaps, fortunately nothing required on this tour but the team preparation is all important.
Morocco itself has some fabulous roads. A real mix of twisties and sweepies. Occasionally the road stops completely and some ingenuity may be required!
There were 2 days off the bike in Chefchouen and Marrakech both offering wonderful respite, views and entertainment. We all picked up some great photos and gifts from the souks.

I recommend both the company and this tour for a memorable experience. Well done Chris and Snips.