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Vango Omega 350 Motorcycle Touring Tent

We thought we would put together a few tents which, we feel are ideal for taking on a motorcycle adventure tour without having to remortgage your home.

It appears motorcycle magazines are only interested in showing you tents suitable for motorcycle touring with price tags that demand you to sell your child in order to get your hands on one of these premium models that, in reality are a status symbol, more so than a practical sleeping arrangement. In reality, many riders will only use their tent once or twice a year and therefore spending in excess of £250 is somewhat unrealistic in our opinion, unless of course you own a Ducati, then you surely have more money than sense.

If you are considering a longer tour or an expedition then perhaps a £500+ tent will fit the bill but there are dozens of tents out there on the market that cost far less and have tried and tested reviews to back up their suitability for touring on a motorcycle

Let’s have a look shall we…


vango tempest 200 motorcycle tentAt only £150, this two-man tunnel style tent is ideal for motorcycle touring. It’s light, compact and can be stowed away into most metal panniers, or attached easily to the lid with straps. You could even buy a small roll top drybag to put it in and strap it to the rear carrier or over the seat.

At 2.7kg it is hardly noticeable on the bike when carried. Compact enough to fit almost anywhere on the bike but more importantly it is spacious enough to fit yourself and your kit inside. I have personally used one of these on a 16-day adventure tour around Europe, in the wilds of Irelands west coast, in the blistering winds of Wales and in the harsh conditions during Scotland’s winter months and found it to be simple and easy to erect, taking only about 10 minutes including setting out the guide lines.

vango tempest 200 motorcycle tentThe inner bedroom compartment has a built-in groundsheet and can be left attached to the outer skin so putting this up in wet weather is a doddle.vango tempest 200 motorcycle tent

The only disadvantage some will notice is the height, it is short and you may find yourself cranking your head over even when sat on your bum. It has great ventilation inside and a small porch area for firing up the stove for a brew.

The one thing I have found with this tent is that it is super strong. I have caught the guidelines many times and nothing ripped. I have used this tent extensively and yet it still continues to do what it did when first purchased, it works, it doesn’t leak and it’s tough as old boots.vango tempest 200 motorcycle tent

If you don’t mind the headroom being a being stingy, then this is an ideal tent for motorcycle touring.

Good Bits
Sturdy in all weathers
Strong and durable
Quick & easy to erect

Bad bits
Roof space is low
Not so great as a two-man tent, more a one-man with some space for kit
Small porch area

Pack size 43 x 15cm
weight 2.75kg

For information on where to buy the Vango Tempest 200 click here 


Vango Omega 350 Motorcycle Touring TentAt only 5cm longer and 5 cm wider (pack size), the Vango Omega 350 is a much larger tent than the Tempest 200 for the similar pack size, albeit it is nearly double the weight at 5.15kg, as opposed to the Tempest 200, which weighs in at just 2.75kg. However, sometimes weight can come at an advantage and with the Omega 350 it is clear to see why this is another favourite with motorcycle tourers as it has higher headroom, more space (lots), as it’s a 3 man tent and really does feel like it will fit 3 people and it also has a decent size porch area, when I say porch area, I mean beer garden, it’s a large space big enough to put your kit and some. Vango Omega 350 Motorcycle Touring Tent

The Omega 350 would be ideal for a couple looking to tour or a couple of mates who don’t mind sharing the weight and carrying of the tent as it is plenty of room for you and a mate plus both your kit. The advantage of the Omega 350 is that you have a separate area for wet kit. There is nothing worse than arriving at the campsite and it’s still raining knowing you have to climb inside the equivelant of a toilet roll tube with wet kit on.Vango Omega 350 Motorcycle Touring Tent

Even more exciting is that the Omega 350 is virtually the same price. It’s a bit like going for an upgrade on your house and getting a conservatory for free!

Heavier than your usual backpacking motorcycle tent but then you do get a conservatory with this one!

Good Bits
Sturdy in all weathers
Strong and durable
Very spacious
Great price
Quick & easy to erect

Bad bits
Heavier than what most prefer to take on a motorcycle
Larger footprint

Pack size 48 x 20cm
Weight 5.15kg

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