A question that gets asked an awful lot these days, is whether or not GPS Motorcycle Trackers are worth their money. This may make up your mind! In a recent post on Facebook, in the group The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest Community, they stated that… “stolen scooter with tracker leads to find a total of 4

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The bike fired into action, sat nav checked, the bike lurched forward towards the exit ramp of the ferry with a sense of urgency. We were keen to feel solid ground beneath us again and begin our journey into what I can only describe as a mesmerising country, full of intrigue, culture, incredible scenery and

You don’t have to be a genius to work out that motorcycle crime is soaring and we, as riders need to do something about it. We clearly cannot depend on the police due to the cutbacks and restrictions on pursuing these yobs, a decision made by the authorities, NOT the police officers. If we don’t act

The engines burst into life, a roaring, rumbling sound that became louder, signifying take off was imminent. I was on my way to Hong-Kong with 10 customers for the transfer flight to Hanoi and I was very excited. The 12 hour flight went quicker than expected, free meals and drinks as well as free alcoholic drinks

​Some riders prefer something entirely different to the norm. Riding through Europe is a wonderful experience but riding through Vietnam is an opportunity that will blow your mind away.  From the minute you step off the plane in Hanoi we’re met by our local business partner as we board our bus to the centre of

Today, I met some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet in life.  The Story… by Craig “Snips” Parsons We stopped off at Cafe Dan in Bihac, Croatia & by chance one of my clients left a small bag of cash, bank card & driving licence behind after a swift

For a small investment these recommended products could make a big difference to your riding enjoyment  Every now and then, we encounter one of those moments when we wished we had been better prepared when venturing out on our motorbike. Irritating and annoying mishaps, like getting a puncture miles from anywhere can cause a right

It’s inevitable, riding 30,000 miles a year, a rider is going to incur speeding points at some point. However, over the last 4 years I’ve personally been points free on my license but that doesn’t stop insurance companies penalising us.  Why, if the DVLA feel you have received punishment for a speeding offence and your