In light of the government’s recent guidance on coronavirus, we are having to work very differently In the current situation it’s likely things will take longer – but we’re committed to continuing to provide a service to all our customers and focusing our efforts on those that are departing soonest as a priority What are

Coronovirus Update & Information Updated: 17th March 2020 See below for updates  We want to take this opportunity to express a huge level of gratitude to all our customers who continue to be amazingly supportive and understanding during this time and realise many will have concerns. For the majority, life continues as normal as possible

Detailed Motorcycle Tour GPX Files Why Do Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd provide detailed motorcycle tour GPX files to customers on their  tours? A major flaw in our opinion with some motorcycle tour operators offering information to customers on escorted tours, is that they only provide the customer with A to B GPX route files What do

Motorcycle Tour Report – Vietnam Mountains. Last month Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd headed off to Asia with 13 lucky customers who threw their legs over one of our 250cc enduro bikes Despite the news surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, we were all buzzing with excitement and spent an awesome 12 days riding and

Christmas is over, weather is turning nasty, we’ve all got to go back to work and most of us are feeling the blues  The best way to overcome the new years blues is to book a motorcycle tour, that’s right, booking a motorcycle tour will give you something to look forward to, even during your

Reducing Wrist Pain When Riding can make your motorcycle ride a more pleasant and enjoyable experience Have you noticed aching palms of your hands, wrists or back after a motorcycle ride? Especially on longer rides? It’s clearly an uncomfortable experience and can put some people off riding altogether. There are ways you can reduce motorcycle

Take only what you can carry, Only what you need. Just enough to feed and water You and a faithful steed. Forget the path well trodden, That will not help you on your way. Instead forge your own trail For others to follow one day. Never shy from an opportunity Throw yourself through every door.

What do you buy a biker at Christmas? Luckily, we have 10 Christmas Gift Ideas to give you some inspiration. It’s never easy buying people presents, but motorcyclists can be a fussy bunch at the best of times. So we’ve put together 10 great Christmas Gift Ideas for motorcyclists, hopefully, there’s something here that they’ll

5 Best Motorcycle Tours for 2020. Next year treat yourself to a fantastic experience from one of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours as recommended by bikers Whether you prefer to tour alone or in a group, this list of the 5 Best Motorcycle Tours will provide plenty of fun and excitement for any style of

By now you should of heard about ACF-50 Corrosion Protection and if you haven’t, where have you been hiding? This super duper pink liquid is the best thing you’ll ever put on your bike this winter, so carry on reading to learn more! What is this pink liquid, called ACF-50 you speak of? ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion