Having used the Drift Ghost X camera for a year now, I can honestly say this camera rocks. Here’s my views on this simple to operate motorcycle camera that packs a mighty punch Drift do, from time to time produce something that is really great and the Drift Ghost X camera is one such example.

International Driving Permits and Brexit – your questions answered about driving in the EU On 13th September 2018, the UK Government published its latest round of technical notices which included what will be required in the event of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal. The RAC compiled a summary of these notices

The Home Secretary a few days ago gave his backing for Metropolitan Police to use a new tactic known as “Tactical Contact”, which is a massive step towards combating the rise in moped theft and moped related crimes across the capital. The new tactic, allows specially trained officers to ram moped riders causing an end

As of next year, a load of popular motorcycles currently used to take the full ‘A’ licence motorcycle test in the UK will become ineligible due to rule changes being brought in by the DVLA. Currently, you can take your test on a machine which has a capacity of 595cc and above, and a total

Having ridden hundreds of thousands of miles on two wheels on a variety of motorcycles and seen what customers and other riders have ridden along challenging routes, there is one thing I have come to a conclusion on, it really doesn’t matter what bike you ride, it’s how comfortable you want to be doing it!

Tyres, one of the most talked about subjects amongst bikers but crucially one of the most important necessities. For someone who rides many miles a year, I go through my fair share of tyres and I’ve tried several different brands. One of them is Mitas, a European company who’s roots originate in Czech Republic and

The Vietnamese Government early this year announced that foreign nationals could not ride or drive cars without a Vietnamese License. This clearly proved to be an issue and after many letters and negotiations with our business partner in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy etc, they have finally changed the ruling, in our favor.  Vietnamese authorities

Europe has on offer some incredible roads and views for all types of bikers, from cruisers to adventure riders but we can all too easily forget that on our doorstep we have some incredible roads to ride if the right time of year is chosen well. Without further ado, here are our 5 favourite roads

2018 is drawing to a close and what fun we’ve had. I’m sitting here reminiscing from the gallery of images and video collated throughout 2018 and I mostly see smiling happy riders who are all enjoying themselves. With 2019 quickly closing in on us we are busy planning ahead. There’s lots to do, such as;

Have you ever considered venturing beyond the realms of Europe? If you have, we have the perfect opportunity for you to discover far distant lands and experience an incredible culture you can boast about to friends and family upon your return With a Honda CRF 250 rental or similar motorcycle included in the cost, all