The sales of all petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from the UK by the year 2040 The government announced the deadline as part of £3 billion plans to cut illegal levels of air pollution that include scrappage schemes and potential “clean air zones” that could see charges for heavy polluting vehicles. Environment Secretary

Motorcycle and helmet cameras are becoming more inventive each year and us bikers have an obsession with capturing footage of our ride outs, with many even turning their skills into vloggingWith so many helmet cameras available on the market it’s a headache at best to decide which camera will be do the job the best.

It is now official that German manufacturer BMW Motorrad WILL RECALL every BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure after reports of major fork damage have become known worldwide Anecdotal reports online and across social media had been running rampant of late, with many riders appearing to confirm the suspicions of a significant design flaw with regards

We thought we would put together a few tents which, we feel are ideal for taking on a motorcycle adventure tour without having to remortgage your home. It appears motorcycle magazines are only interested in showing you tents suitable for motorcycle touring with price tags that demand you to sell your child in order to

How excited are we. Here at Guided Motorbike Tours we have been working very hard to produce a new tour for you guys. Our India Motorcycle Fly Ride Tour is now here and ready for you to book the ultimate journey of a lifetime! Here’s a rundown of what you will be getting up to

It’s all too easy as a professional tour guide to become complacent with ones self, travelling all over the place and clocking up as many as 30,000 miles a year. Often forgetting that others may be nervous and apprehensive about the journey ahead. For us, jumping on the Eurotunnel and heading south along roads where

The new Drift Ghost 4k Action Camera is finally released into the public domain but it’s still not ready! First off, I am disappointed with Drift, having returned my Drift Stealth 2 under warranty because the LCD display decided to do a runner on me whilst filming footage on a recent tour through Morocco. The

Special forces are getting a stealth motorcycle that’s silent and deadly The SilentHawk can also run on jet fuel. A dirt bike is a tool for getting a person to a place they shouldn’t be. Lightweight, made for rough terrain, and fast, motorcycles allow special forces to slip through woods, navigate narrow canyons, sneak through

What better way to review a motorcycle equipment than to let a professional motorcycle tour guide loose on a product. We ride through some incredible places, diverse weather and of course spend most of our time wearing motorcycle kit. Every day we use our helmet several times. Placing it on our bonce and taking it

This has to be one of many bikers favourite tours. with no less than 12 of the most popular alpine mountain passes thrown in it takes you on a journey of the most incredible scenery you could witness on two wheels The highlights of this tour will wander in your mind for months, if not