I hope you are all as well as can be, it’s been an arduous year to say the least for us all and I am sure many of you are keen to get on your bikes and begin exploring once again.  We want to take this opportunity to provide some form of update on future

What an incredible year it has been for all of us but one thing is certain, we are desperate to get out and explore on our motorcycles! It has been an incredibly difficult year for many, there’s no doubt about it. However, there may be some hope on the horizon of travelling and exploring and

During the lockdown I entertained myself by writing a book about my travels to Tunisia in Africa, it gave me an opportunity to break away from the propaganda and all the gloom that was going on, I am still writing it and hope to have it finished by the end of this year The book

Great Britain is often underrated as a place to go exploring. many of us dismiss the opportunity to explore our homeland in favour of heading off to far away lands that promise snow peak mountains and fancy food, but there’s so much more to Great Britain than some may realise Admittedly, we’d all like to

Hello fellow riding companions   It’s been an odd year so far I think we can all agree. With travel arrangements being disrupted it has caused an inconvenience for many wanting to get away from it all. However, despite the challenges we’ve faced, the future looks bright for 2021 Motorcycle Tours.   We have been

France did it and now Germany are doing it. Take note that Germany have now joined France in making it illegal to use the speed camera function on your devices. This includes smart phones/tablets, GPS devices, speed camera detectors and of course sat navs. The new measures now make it an offence to use devices

As you will have heard by now, Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that as of Wednesday, new measures have been put in place to ease the lockdown restrictions. One bit of good news that followed this, was confirmation from the MCN that bikers can once again ride for pleasure, on condition riders maintain the rules

We’ve teamed up with Amazon to compile a list of some of the most popular, most used motorcycle touring kit It can be frustrating knowing what to take on your motorcycle journey. With so many choices, it’s often difficult to decide what is worth taking, what will last the journey and is it any good?

There’s a lot of opinions going around on these new UK speed cameras that seem to be popping up daily. Whilst there is still NO official data on the exact units being installed on our roads (due to the available customisable accessories) , there is some credible information detailing their basic capabilities. Hopefully this information

In light of the government’s recent guidance on coronavirus, we are having to work very differently In the current situation it’s likely things will take longer – but we’re committed to continuing to provide a service to all our customers and focusing our efforts on those that are departing soonest as a priority What are