​Some riders prefer something entirely different to the norm. Riding through Europe is a wonderful experience but riding through Vietnam is an opportunity that will blow your mind away.  From the minute you step off the plane in Hanoi we’re met by our local business partner as we board our bus to the centre of

 Today I met some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet in life.  The Story. by Craig “Snips” Parsons Stopped off at Cafe Dan in Bihac, Croatia & by chance one of my clients left a small bag of cash, bank card & driving licence behind after a swift brew

For a small investment these recommended products could make a big difference to your riding enjoyment  Every now and then, we encounter one of those moments when we wished we had been better prepared when venturing out on our motorbike. Irritating and annoying mishaps, like getting a puncture miles from anywhere can cause a right

It’s inevitable, riding 30,000 miles a year, a rider is going to incur speeding points at some point. However, over the last 4 years I’ve personally been points free on my license but that doesn’t stop insurance companies penalising us.  Why, if the DVLA feel you have received punishment for a speeding offence and your

Here’s a quick look at the Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring Glove, which is extremely comfortable from the moment you put the glove on.  The Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring glove is a lightweight mid season touring glove. The palm features leather material in two styles. Conventional and suede, which aids grip.  Two of the first fingers

Many of you wont have heard of Buse, a German manufacturer of quality motorcycle clothing who don’t have a strong presence in UK, despite being around for over 20 years but that is soon to change. The affordable range of clothing ranges from the casual bikers needs to leathers and even textile jackets and trousers

Choosing a bike these days is like flicking through a gadget catalogue, there are so many choices, styles, models and a bike for virtually every terrain and situation. It’s a tough decision and can be a minefield for some. A touring bike should be comfortable, worry free and be able to cope with all weathers

We’ve all done it at some point, blatting down a long straight, adrenalin pumping, then suddenly we realise there’s a sharp bend ahead and we’re coming in too fast, panic often sets in, you focus on one point (usually the point of where you think you’ll crash) and grab the brakes. Then it’s down to

Did you know that motorcycle tyre discussions account for more than 50% of social media conversions between bikers. It appears it is one of the most talked about accessory (or necessity) for motorcyclists.  Here’s a review from a tour guides point of view of the Continental TKC70 Tyre fitted to an Africa Twin CRF1000 (manual) 

Us riders strive to find the next best road, another tick in the box, another challenge accepted and another great elation. There are many roads all over the world that are simply perfect for bikers, some with death defying drops into an endless abyss, others will have some of the most perfect bends, corners, switchbacks