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Gone are the days when half a roll of duct tape and a flat head screwdriver would repair your broken-down steed, now, you need to be armed with a hi-tech laptop, USB cables and special tools with peculiar shapes on the end, resembling some torture implement from the dark ages, just to get the bike

Europe is a bikers paradise, a playground with seemingly endless twists and turns, around each one brings with it another jaw dropping landscape with roads that make riding more pleasurable than ever. For some, heading off across the Channel is second nature, like popping to the shops or nipping out with your mates. But for

As of the 13th January 2018 a new EU Directive has been issued, which, prevents any company from charging customers for processing fees when paying by credit or debit cards. As you can imagine, for smaller businesses such as ourselves, this has a detrimental impact. Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd have always offered their customers a

Morocco sits on the northern edge of Africa, the 2nd largest country in the world. Bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans, Morocco is influenced by its Berber, Arabian and European cultures. With temperatures ranging from single figures in the North to highs of 40c and above in the south in the Sahara Desert, it provides

KTM rider Sam Sunderland from Dorset UK had to be airlifted by helicopter after suffering an accident on Tuesday’s 330km San Juan de Marcona test, having held a lead of over four minutes at the head of the overall standings with two wins in the opening three stages of the rally. The Briton, from Lytchett

Until May 2017, driving a car, lorry, van or riding a motorcycle in Europe was relatively care free, where traffic  enforcement was concerned. As long as you kept your eyes peeled for traffic police you could quite literally blast your way through speed cameras without any repercussions, in fact, you could pretty much get away

A quick round up of our top 5 motorcycle tshirts. We think you’ll love them! We’ve been on the hunt for some of the best tshirts of 2017. Tshirts that makes us giggle, laugh and chuckle as well as looking cool. So without further ado, here are our top 5 tshirts of 2017 IMAGINE LIFE

Happy New Year riders and pillions!   We hope you had a good Christmas and have been showered with useful gifts but now it’s time to start planning ahead. 2018 is going to be the year to go touring, oh yes it is! (can you tell I’ve been to a panto!). What with Brexit in

Whether you love or hate Christmas, it’s always a challenge knowing what to buy bikers. Most will already have what they need, so the majority only want upgrades, this may be a new helmet, or a completely new motorcycle but fear not, we have some great suggestions. So to help with the agonising decisions on