A quick hop on the ferry, a couple of hours later and you’re in Ireland, a land full of Guinness and whisky and of course some very nice roads, some great scenery and the weather isn’t actually all that bad, despite what some may say! Ireland has a lot of charm, the people are very

Join us on a magnificent adventure around Ireland’s West Coast, taking in some spectacular scenery and beautiful riding roads following the famous Wild Atlantic Way. Ride along the west coast of Ireland on this fabulous escorted motorcycle tour as we visit stunning locations such as, Kilarney National Park, Dingle Peninsula, Conor Pass, Glengarriff, Galway, Cliffs

The Russian startup Hoversurf is making flying as easy as riding a bike. the ATaaS (air transport as a service) company have just unveiled the first commercial hoverbike that the world has ever seen. The craft in question is the scorpion-3, and is a fully-manned quadcopter that aims to make flying accessible to the masses

Latest Motorcycle News Regarding UK Motorcycle Owners Riding In France The BIG question is, do I need one? The Air Quality Certificate is a secure document issued from the information on the vehicle’s registration certificate (or gray card). It attests to the environmental class of the vehicle according to the emission of pollutants In one

Saving you time, effort & money! For some riders, there is apprehension when it comes to booking a motorbike tour with a motorcycle touring agency. Whether you feel you may be left out and won’t fit in, or may find it boring, we have put together 20 reasons why you should book a motorcycle tour

So you’ve been out for a wander around the motorcycle showrooms, convinced the wife to remortgage the house and promised to buy her a horse or a new car in return for letting you part with an extortionate amount of money for a lump of metal and plastic on two wheels, that promises to take

It’s very rare for me to hold on to a helmet for more than a few months, let alone a few years. However, the Xlite X551 Adventure Helmet from Nolan is one of those exceptions.  Helmets are a very personal choice, fitment, styling, comfort and practicality are all taken into account when we go looking

​Guy Martin will make a sensational return to road racing in 2017 after signing a shock deal to join 23-times TT winner John McGuinness in the Honda Racing squad. The 35-year-old, who opted against racing on the roads in 2015 in favour of competing in the gruelling 2745-mile Tour Divide mountain bike race, is set

Forma Adventure Boots Review Motorcycle apparel has always been a contentious issue. Forums across the world are in constant debate about what kit is good and what kit is crap. Extreme conversations with heated discussion can break out over a simple sentence, as users defend their claims.  However, I have put some thoughts and opinions