2018 is drawing to a close and what fun we’ve had. I’m sitting here reminiscing from the gallery of images and video collated throughout 2018 and I mostly see smiling happy riders who are all enjoying themselves. With 2019 quickly closing in on us we are busy planning ahead. There’s lots to do, such as;

Have you ever considered venturing beyond the realms of Europe? If you have, we have the perfect opportunity for you to discover far distant lands and experience an incredible culture you can boast about to friends and family upon your return With a Honda CRF 250 rental or similar motorcycle included in the cost, all

The all new Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid is nearing its final stages before they at long last put it into production, but is it all too late? For those that have followed the progress of the Japanese manufacture, Yamaha’s all new rally inspired motorcycle, may be as frustrated as the rest of us. Endless

I’ll be honest from the outset, I don’t have time for politics, whether I follow it or not, because of work commitments or simply because most of it is a load of tosh, it doesn’t seem to make any difference to me if I follow it or not. In fact, most political discussions cause too

If you are the type that shudders at the mere mention of the word “camping”, look away now! So, after a ton of requests begging us to run the European Camping Tour for 2019 we submitted and gave in but we’ve gone Big this time adding a few more days and some bloody awesome roads

I don’t usually have the time to review items I buy but every once in a while a supplier will blow me away with their product and Moskomoto did just that! Mosko was founded in 2013 in America, when Pete & Andrew left their corporate jobs to make motorcycle gear. Their partnership combines decades of

An international Drivers Permit (IDP) is in addition to but not a replacement for Your UK driving license. In many countries around the world it is a legal requirement, especially when hiring a bike or a car. However, it is not an entitlement to drive or ride, your UK driving license is your entitlement and

The last leg of any tour is always filled with mixed emotions, heading back to the UK, reminiscing as we make the slog back to the Euro-tunnel, listening to my favorite playlists through the Bluetooth helmet speakers. This was a thoroughly enjoyable tour with a great bunch of people. Thank you to all those that

GUIDED MOTORBIKE TOURS TOP RECOMMENDED ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES FOR TOURING   MEMORIES – HELMET/BIKE CAMERA A decent helmet camera will offer trouble free footage capture of your tour and its memories. A worth investment and can be installed on the helmet or the bike We have used many, so have our customers but the one

Due to a technical issue, for the time being, we can’t issue the free t-shirt offered on our site when booking a tour. We are looking to change the supplier.  In the meantime we will be distributing to all previous customers of 2018 and forthcoming customers an exclusive, rubber key ring and neck tube. For