Brexit – And How It May Affect Motorcycle Riders Touring Europe

I’ll be honest from the outset, I don’t have time for politics, whether I follow it or not, because of work commitments or simply because most of it is a load of tosh, it doesn’t seem to make any difference to me if I follow it or not.

In fact, most political discussions cause too many arguments and wasteful time, just like half of what they do, it all seems rather pointless. Now, I’ve been reading several posts from people posting on various Facebook groups airing their concerns over Brexit and how it may affect riders in Europe next year (2019). One thing is perfectly clear, no one knows what’s going to happen other than the government’s and officials, so we can only wait. But should we really be putting our plans for 2019 on hold? Hell no, of course not.

My personal view is this; before we became a slave to the European Union, travel to and from European countries was relatively straightforward, I’m sure some of you remember those school trips abroad and for those that are a little older and wiser will have ridden abroad before we became part of the EU. I can say from reading, listening and my own experiences, it wasn’t that problematic. You needed a passport, which you do now. You needed a drivers license, which you do now and you had to keep changing money at the borders or take multiple currencies with you, which, for the most of Europe, you don’t have to do now!!

By pulling out of the European Community, I hardly think Europe is going to close its doors on us Brits, do you? Think about the ramifications. Their business and travel economy would be in tatters and it is of no interest to them to stop us doing what we already do. We’re not at war with them, we simply don’t want to play their game, “Do As We Say”, with them

I have crossed the borders in Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Romania and many other places all over the world, and my only request was to hand a passport over to show I’m not a threat to them and sometimes being asked to participate in some money exchange in order to obtain a worthless peice of paper to say I’m covered on 3rd party insurance.

I may be wrong, we may all be wrong in one way or another but I for one will not sit here changing my plans worrying unnecessarily about travel to Europe when it’ll most likely take a long time to sort anything out anyway. Do you really believe a Brexit deal will include closure of our borders so we can’t get out or into Europe. Do you really believe if you ride to Spain, France, Italy or wherever, you’ll get your bike impounded because the UK government has done a deal whilst you’re in a European country… I certainly don’t. If Europe make it overcomplicated, or harder than it is to get into Europe they’ll loose billions of Euros from lost revenue.

With regards to insurance etc, again, no one knows, all we can do is keep ourselves prepped and ready for the big day, even then, any deal, or changes won’t happen overnight.

I sit here with slight anticipation but with my thoughts positive and unfazed by the keyboard warriors who plague the Facebook Groups with their nonsensical and ill-informed blurb.

Happy touring 👍🏍️


David Grundy
Under current EU rules, motor insurance has to be valid in all EU countries, part of the free movement of people between EU countries. Once out of the EU, UK insurance companies will no longer need to provide this, so chances are they will make an additional charge for cover in the EU, similar to cover for travel outside of the EU now - the old 'green card'. I can't see insurance companies not to use this opportunity to fleece us yet again! It may also be that we will also need an international driving licence, but that will likely depend on whatever agreement is reached when we leave. Again, these aren't too difficult to get. So I agree - don't put it off, the riding won't change!!! Either way, travel shouldn't be too difficult
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There were no requirements for an international drivers license before we joined the EU and insurance was not much different, if i remember most insurers provided 90 day cover

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