Here’s a quick look at the Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring Glove, which is extremely comfortable from the moment you put the glove on.  The Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring glove is a lightweight mid season touring glove. The palm features leather material in two styles. Conventional and suede, which aids grip.  Two of the first fingers

Choosing a bike these days is like flicking through a gadget catalogue, there are so many choices, styles, models and a bike for virtually every terrain and situation. It’s a tough decision and can be a minefield for some. A touring bike should be comfortable, worry free and be able to cope with all weathers

The sales of all petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from the UK by the year 2040 The government announced the deadline as part of £3 billion plans to cut illegal levels of air pollution that include scrappage schemes and potential “clean air zones” that could see charges for heavy polluting vehicles. Environment Secretary

It is now official that German manufacturer BMW Motorrad WILL RECALL every BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure after reports of major fork damage have become known worldwide Anecdotal reports online and across social media had been running rampant of late, with many riders appearing to confirm the suspicions of a significant design flaw with regards

Special forces are getting a stealth motorcycle that’s silent and deadly The SilentHawk can also run on jet fuel. A dirt bike is a tool for getting a person to a place they shouldn’t be. Lightweight, made for rough terrain, and fast, motorcycles allow special forces to slip through woods, navigate narrow canyons, sneak through

Latest Motorcycle News Regarding UK Motorcycle Owners Riding In France The BIG question is, do I need one? The Air Quality Certificate is a secure document issued from the information on the vehicle’s registration certificate (or gray card). It attests to the environmental class of the vehicle according to the emission of pollutants In one

Why is Norway such a popular destination for motorcyclists and why do thousands of bikers flock to lands once roamed by the Vikings. Lets look at why Norway is such an amazing country and why it should be on your top 5 places to tour on a motorcycle Finding new and exciting places to visit