There are some journeys, where even words or pictures cannot explain the sheer joy and pleasure a rider experiences. It’s hard to convey to someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of riding through the Alps, what a magnificent delight it is to witness such landscape and beauty, combined with roads you’d think were designed by

From the moment you see the border crossing getting smaller and smaller in your wing mirror, you are drawn into the world of culture and intrigue as you head into the heart of Morocco, a country that is not only diverse but offers so much of a contrast without having to travel halfway around the globe.

A question that gets asked an awful lot these days, is whether or not GPS Motorcycle Trackers are worth their money. This may make up your mind! In a recent post on Facebook, in the group The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest Community, they stated that… “stolen scooter with tracker leads to find a total of 4

The bike fired into action, sat nav checked, the bike lurched forward towards the exit ramp of the ferry with a sense of urgency. We were keen to feel solid ground beneath us again and begin our journey into what I can only describe as a mesmerizing country, full of intrigue, culture, incredible scenery and

Here’s a quick look at the Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring Glove, which is extremely comfortable from the moment you put the glove on.  The Buse Open Road Motorcycle Touring glove is a lightweight mid season touring glove. The palm features leather material in two styles. Conventional and suede, which aids grip.  Two of the first fingers

Many of you wont have heard of Buse, a German manufacturer of quality motorcycle clothing who don’t have a strong presence in UK, despite being around for over 20 years but that is soon to change. The affordable range of clothing ranges from the casual bikers needs to leathers and even textile jackets and trousers

Did you know that motorcycle tyre discussions account for more than 50% of social media conversions between bikers. It appears it is one of the most talked about accessory (or necessity) for motorcyclists.  Here’s a review from a tour guides point of view of the Continental TKC70 Tyre fitted to an Africa Twin CRF1000 (manual) 

We thought we would put together a few tents which, we feel are ideal for taking on a motorcycle adventure tour without having to remortgage your home. It appears motorcycle magazines are only interested in showing you tents suitable for motorcycle touring with price tags that demand you to sell your child in order to

The new Drift Ghost 4k Action Camera is finally released into the public domain but it’s still not ready! First off, I am disappointed with Drift, having returned my Drift Stealth 2 under warranty because the LCD display decided to do a runner on me whilst filming footage on a recent tour through Morocco. The