From our youthful days when boys were trying to be men, running riot with their plastic guns and fir cone grenades, making dens and climbing trees, we were always envisaging adventure and had a desire to role play our wildest dreams. Some wanted to be engineers and would cause horror when mum found out we’d dismantled

Due to a technical issue, for the time being, we can’t issue the free t-shirt offered on our site when booking a tour. We are looking to change the supplier.  In the meantime we will be distributing to all previous customers of 2018 and forthcoming customers an exclusive, rubber key ring and neck tube. For

What is your most used price of kit? Garmin 595lm. Not only does it give accurate route results but also provides weather updates ahead allowing us prepare the customers and avoid getting drenched or cold. What’s your favourite item(s) you carry?  Lenovo Touch screen laptop and Samsung Galaxy S8, allowing me to edit video at

Have you ever been on a motorcycle ride with friends and ended up lost or left behind? Perhaps they sped off into the distance or left you in the toilet at the petrol station, only for you to find your own way home  It’s bloody annoying isn’t it and even more so annoying when you

The beast from the east has buggered off and left many of us bikers excited about spring time being just around the corner and hope of warmer days and drier tarmac. In the meantime we’ve bunged together a selection of images, which we feel will inspire you for the upcoming years touring and travel. Whether

A land of greatness, friendliness and culture. A country that is heavily underrated as a travel destination. Vietnam is a pure delight in every sense and although it may not have white sandy beaches stretching the length of its land, it has something far more important than parasols, sun loungers and cocktails  The Vietnamese people

Morocco sits on the northern edge of Africa, the 2nd largest country in the world. Bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans, Morocco is influenced by its Berber, Arabian and European cultures. With temperatures ranging from single figures in the North to highs of 40c and above in the south in the Sahara Desert, it provides

Until May 2017, driving a car, lorry, van or riding a motorcycle in Europe was relatively care free, where traffic  enforcement was concerned. As long as you kept your eyes peeled for traffic police you could quite literally blast your way through speed cameras without any repercussions, in fact, you could pretty much get away

A quick round up of our top 5 motorcycle tshirts. We think you’ll love them! We’ve been on the hunt for some of the best tshirts of 2017. Tshirts that makes us giggle, laugh and chuckle as well as looking cool. So without further ado, here are our top 5 tshirts of 2017 IMAGINE LIFE

Happy New Year riders and pillions!   We hope you had a good Christmas and have been showered with useful gifts but now it’s time to start planning ahead. 2018 is going to be the year to go touring, oh yes it is! (can you tell I’ve been to a panto!). What with Brexit in