We have always been keen to support charities and organisations close to our hearts. In particular, the countries in which we offer motorcycle tours. These include but are not limited to; Vietnam, Africa, India and other underdeveloped nations where a little support in the right places can go a long way



Two Wheels for Life raise money to fund programmes in Africa that ensure life-saving healthcare gets to rural communities using reliable transport.

They work with local development partner Riders for Health to successfully combat the problems caused by the failure of transport in rural Africa. Their programmes ensure help gets to women in threatening labour, that the sick reach care facilities in time and that critical tests for conditions such as HIV, AIDS and TB get to labs.



They have teams in 34 countries. Together with other partners they transform millions of lives every year. And since 1981, they’ve reached 24.9 million people with clean water. The work of Water Aid is immense and once you realise what it is they do, you’ll understand why we support them



How do we help?

We often donate percentages of our profits to the charities as well as helping out wherever we can. Guided Motorbike Tours are planning a number of events over the next couple of years to raise money for the charities, such as sponsored rides and more death defying and ambitious plans which, will be revealed soon!

Please note we do not accept donations on behalf of any of the above charities. If you wish to support them, please do so by going directly to their website by clicking on the logos

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