Christmas Presents For Bikers

Whether you love or hate Christmas, it’s always a challenge knowing what to buy bikers. Most will already have what they need, so the majority only want upgrades, this may be a new helmet, or a completely new motorcycle but fear not, we have some great suggestions.

So to help with the agonising decisions on what to buy your loved ones, family members or best mate(s), take a look at some of our recommend gift ideas for bikers this Christmas from Guided Motorbike Tours.


Don’t get lost with one of these awesome gadgets

We all love our gadgets, women included, (you’ve only got to look in the under bed draw to find out!) So with this in mind our first recommendation is a fabulous sat nav by Garmin. Why Garmin, I hear you shout? Having tried many other brands we have had more success and reliability with Garmin devices than any other. They are reliable and accept data files better than many other models. They rarely fail when you need them the most and are pretty tough little buggers. So our first Christmas Present recommendation for bikers is the Garmin Zumo 345LM (the LM stands for “Lifetime Maps”, meaning you’ll have your software updated for free for life). You can get £100 off if you use this link.

For the more featured model, the zumo 595LM, you get a ton of features, such as; notifications display, weather and text messages that can be read out through your Bluetooth headset. Get over £130 off with this link on the Zumo 595LM

I know I’d be over the moon if I got one of these in my stocking!


Stay snug with these essential winter accessories 

A cold biker can be a grumpy biker. Riding in cold temperatures can seriously alter your mindset and make a huge difference to your concentration levels. Not and ideal situation if you’re already having to deal with slippery surfaces and other motorists with steamed up windows! Keeping warm dramatically improves concentration and makes for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. All you’ll need is some snow chains and bobs your uncle…

Heated clothing has really come on leaps and bounds, these days you can pretty much warm every inch of your body by electric currents from your bike. Just plug in and stay warm. Vests, jackets, gloves, trousers, socks and gloves are all available as heated options these days

Take a look at these bad boys from the Keis Range. First up is the Keis X10 heated body warmer. We prefer this to the jacket, as it provides far more flexibility and ease of movement. It’s less restricting than the option with arms, you trade off having warmer arms but if you commute a lot, the vest may be a better option so you stay flexible.

At around £130 it’s a worthwhile investment and certainly a welcoming present for any rider who uses their bike all year round. Amazon seem to be the best on price at just under £110 view here

Keis also make heated inner gloves. These compliment the Keis X10 vest nicely and provide a lovely controlled level of warming to the hands. Often the most exposed area when riding.

The gloves come in numerous sizes and are thin enough to fit under your regular gloves.

You can find out more on the Keis Heated Gloves here


You can never have enough security 

We love disc lock alarms because they achieve three things in one simple compact device. Firstly they secure your brake disc making it harder to move the motorcycle, secondly they provide a deterrent and lastly they provide notification to the owner of the motorcycle if someone tries to move the bike.

Our recommended range of locks is from Xena, they have been produced tried and tested disc locks for years. As a testament to their build quality and longevity, I still have one that I bought 10 years ago. The XX6Y model is my favourite, although there are many others. The XX6Y is an affordable and sleek looking design that not just looks good but actually works and has proven to be extremely difficult to overcome if someone was attempting to steal your pride and joy. At under £50 it’s an affordable stocking filler!


For more great ideas and choices this Christmas on what to buy a biker, check out this special link we set up – Motorcycle Gifts


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