Coronavirus Update

What an incredible year it has been for all of us but one thing is certain, we are desperate to get out and explore on our motorcycles!

It has been an incredibly difficult year for many, there’s no doubt about it. However, there may be some hope on the horizon of travelling and exploring and once again getting out on our machines, I am sure you will agree, it will be a momentous moment.

Reading between the lines, it would indicate that the lockdown restrictions will begin to be lifted sooner rather than later. obviously certain measures need to be put in place to safeguard everyone before we fully return to some normality.

Our position on decision making and terms of trading for tour departures remains the same, that we will make a decision 21 days before departure as to whether the tour will proceed. In light of recent updates, we are hopeful that tours can resume in the early part of 2021. The industry as a whole is also going with the notion that travel could once again commence in April 2021

It is still far too early to provide any certainty, guidance or advice, due to there being so much misinformation and change of direction without notice at this stage. Rest assured, we are monitoring the situation closely through official channels but continue to avoid mainstream media, as we have always done and will react accordingly when presented with definitive, factual information. We are also mindful that certain restrictions may be in place before people can travel abroad, again, this is merely speculation at this time and judging by the track record of our government, determining what the outcome will be is like spinning a roulette wheel.

So for the time being, lets keep our fingers crossed and keep our spirits high and we are still very much looking forward to meeting you and exploring with you. Good times await and our patience will surely be rewarded.

Due to the current situation we have had to undertake alternative tasks, so please bear in mind our working hours are reduced for the time being which may cause delays in responding to emails or calls.



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