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Coronovirus & Tour Bookings

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Dear customers

On behalf of all of us at Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd, we hope you are keeping well during these exceptional times and wish to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding. We’d also like to thank the many of you that sent messages of encouragement and kind words and wish to thank all of you for your amazing support, we feel incredibly humbled by the biking community spirit during this challenging time.

Continuing our ethos to provide our customers with high levels of attentiveness and dedication to every client, with your needs and considerations being placed at the forefront of our business, before anything else, we do need your sustained support and understanding to pass through this sudden turn of events.  We have taken time to consider all options in this changing landscape and have taken the decision to implement additional policies and procedures to ensure this is a co-operative effort.

These changes will be effective immediately and are in addition to our existing Terms & Conditions which remain in place.

It is a global situation none of us have ever had to prepare for before and as such we are faced with ever evolving daily challenges, finding new ways to overcome this and continuing to remain open for business as normal for your enjoyment.

With immediate effect, all tours departing soonest will receive our undivided attention. As we are unable to predict the future and with the situation changing daily, we cannot assume what may happen in a week’s time yet alone in many months’ time.  We must act only on what information is presented to us by the government and the FCO. Therefore, all decisions regarding tour departures will be now be made 21 days prior to departure the date. We are still many weeks or months away from most of our tour dates.

All tours, unless notified otherwise by email are still planned to go ahead

If the FCO restrictions remain in place 21 days prior to the departure of a tour, advising against all but necessary travel to the designated country or countries, we will advise on what options are available to all participants booked on the tour. The options available will vary depending on several factors.

In addition to our Terms & Conditions we have implemented new policies effective from 14/04/2020 for an initial period of 90 days. We reserve the right to amend or extend these policies without notice. For updates please see our website.

  1. For tours scheduled to depart within 21 days and the FCO advice is to avoid all but necessary travel, or border entry restrictions remain in place preventing access to the country, we will where at all possible
    1. reschedule the tour to a later date in the same year
    2. offer you a place on another tour (subject to availability) of similar value within the same year (2020)
    3. re-route around any isolated restrictions and maintain the original tour as far as possible.
  1. Alternatively, customers may choose an alternative tour of greater value (subject to availability) within the same year (2020). The additional cost of the tour will be invoiced to the customer and the usual terms will apply. There may be increased costs in addition to the advertised price due to price fluctuations with transportation, accommodation etc.
  2. With expected fluctuations in the rates offered by our suppliers, once the restrictions are relaxed, Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd agree to cover the first 5% of any increases in additional cost to tours. Any additional costs above a 5% increase will be advised and billed at the same rate of increase to the customer.
  3. Hotel availability & choice may be limited due to the impact of the coronavirus restrictions. The hotel standards and transport departure times may be affected due to the financial impact it has had on the travel industry
  4. Tour Balance Payments: Our usual Terms & Conditions remain in place. If you have not been advised of any changes to your tour booking, please make your payment by bank transfer.    In addition, for customers who have an overdue invoice, you will receive an email reminding you to pay the balance within 5 days of the date of the email.  Funds need to be received and cleared within those 5 days. Where the balance payment is overdue by more than 14 days and your tour is more than 21 days away, continue to pay your balance in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.  The additional policies we have implemented are there to safeguard your booking.
  5. If Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd are forced to cancel a tour, due to a high number of cancellations on a given tour as a result of the coronavirus impact, we will offer the customer a credit note with a 10% discount voucher, which can be used to book an alternative tour for the remainder of 2020 or for the touring year in 2021.
  6. Self-Isolation: Where a customer has had to self-isolate in accordance with government guidance, or, where a customer is required to self-isolate for 12 weeks due to being at a higher risk, or, where a customer has had to self-isolate due to supporting a family member who is at higher risk, you will be issued with a voucher, rather than lose your deposit. The voucher must be used to book an alternative tour for 2020 or 2021 by 31st December 2020 subject to availability.
  7. Tour itineraries may be subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control that have been contributed by the impact of the coronavirus.

If you wish to contact us regarding this notice, we have set up a dedicated email to handle such queries. This is so that your enquiry is not missed amongst the many emails we are receiving though our main email address. Please use

Tour dates for 2021 will be published on our website by the end of May 2020

We remain positive, as always.

Once again, we thank you all for your kind support and understanding and appreciate your emails and messages of support. These are without doubt difficult times for most of us but we will overcome, we will continue to provide excellent motorcycle tours and we will ride once again, stronger and more eager than ever before.

Stay well and we will see you very soon


Quick Update: 2nd June 2020

Just to let all our customers know, we are still here, still working on your behalf to ensure that everyone gets to go on a tour, whether it’s this year or next. We have launched our 2021 tour dates are they are now available to view by clicking here

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, finally, and it is looking hopeful travel will resume between UK and the rest of the world soon. There are plans in place to lift international travel restrictions by mid or end of July.

So hang in there…


Update: September 2020

We are still here! Our contingency plan is now in full swing and many of the tours that were due to run this year (2020) have been transferred to 2021 dates. This does mean spaces are limited for next year, so if you want to join one of the UK’s most successful and supportive motorcycle tour companies than get your booking in fast.

We have been very flexible with those that have been flexible with us, your support as been amazing, which is why we have been contacting many of you individually by phone. Over the last couple of months we have had a few issues with emails not reaching people, we apologise for this and are still trying to work out the reason why, as everything seems fine our end.

Tour dates for 2021 are now online and we have been working super hard to negotiate with our suppliers to get bookings moved. Unfortunately, we too have had our fair share of bad news with the loss of a close family member (not Coronavirus related) and it has been tough managing the demands of the business with all this to contend with, but like most, we soldier on. As a small company, without backing from numerous shareholders, we are doing our best and the support from customers, as said, has been truly amazing, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are hoping that travel restrictions will be lifted late 2020 or early 2021 so that travel abroad can return to full swing and everyone can begin touring again without the complications and uncertainty. So bear with it, we will all get through this and we will return, better, stronger and more determined than ever. Stay strong, stay positive!

Update: 5th October 2020

Due to the restrictions in place regarding travel to Europe, we have taken the decision to defer the New To Touring Tour scheduled to depart this month (October 2020) to 2021.

Customers booked on this tour will be issued with a credit note in due course to use on any tour in 2021.

For further assistance and support please email support