A Wonderful Insight Into The Hospitality of the People Of Croatia 

Today, I met some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet in life. 

The Story…

by Craig “Snips” Parsons

We stopped off at Cafe Dan in Bihac & by chance one of my clients left a small bag of cash, bank card & driving licence behind after a swift brew stop.

Five miles down the road after leaving the cafe, we were stopped by a local who was selling parking tickets for the waterfalls & foolishly with the language barrier & what in hindsight was frustration from this gentleman, I blew him out as a highwayman trying to force a local tax.

Ten miles down the road,  all ten of us were stopped by a local policeman in the road. Again the language barrier ensued & pure determination from this man & ten tentative but blank faces eventually got the idea.

I returned to Cafe Dan & was handed by this lovely lady,  everything that was left behind by my client. On route back to meet the group,  after some 20 mile loop, I also stopped off to thank the gentleman Ulaznica (ticket seller),  because his frustration of trying to be helpful was so obvious but the fact I stopped to thank him & shook his hand made him smile.


Should mention another policeman was along my return route & as I cornered with maybe a little pace on route to retrieve the client’s documents,  I was met with a big thumbs up & smile as I waved him back & passed him.

My point is you can have everything & nothing. These people have everything, life, family, friends but above all honesty & understanding.

Brilliant day because I have met Croatians, real, honest & proper people,  that went above & beyond to help us

Craig “Snips” Parsons
Senior Tour Operator

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Vinko Nekic
Good to hear, nothing but great memories from Croatia

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