Detailed Motorcycle Tour GPX Files
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Detailed Motorcycle Tour GPX Files

Why Do Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd provide detailed motorcycle tour GPX files to customers on their  tours?

A major flaw in our opinion with some motorcycle tour operators offering information to customers on escorted tours, is that they only provide the customer with A to B GPX route files

What do we mean?

Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd provide every single customer with a set of comprehensive instructions, detailed itinerary, a useful tour guide and the same Gpx files as the tour leader

How does it differ?

We have seen other motorcycle touring companies that only provide GPX route files that are nothing more than an A to B file.
Simply put, they provide you with the start point (usually the hotel, and end point, the next hotel) and advise you to ensure that your satellite navigation equipment is set to “Avoid Motorway”.
They then simply provide you with instructions you’ll need to print off, or have handy on your phone for example, so that you can periodically enter coordinates throughout the day for group meets at coffee stops, lunch and scenic stops.

Why is this a problem?

In our opinion, if you pay for a motorcycle tour, you expect to get a package that has the ability to navigate you along a tried and tested route.
That route being the same route where you originally found that beautiful stretch of road, or the route where the scenery should be at its best and so on.
By providing you with two points on a map and a coupe of way points you’d need to enter manually yourself (which in itself isn’t an easy task for most) it could be said that you aren’t really getting what you paid for.
If you choose a route, say 180 miles long, enter the start and end points into a sat nav device, I’m confident in saying that no two devices or riders  journeys will ever be the same, unless you lay the route out properly using way points or markers.
On effect then, you’d have a bunch of riders who’ve paid for a motorcycle tour all heading off in different directions, as every sat, nav behaves and calculates routes according to the available satellites, traffic, and settings.
As a tour operator, it would be impossible to ensure every paid up customer has the exact same settings on their device. We counter act this by ensuring our routes have several way points (Sometimes as many as 30) to ensure you stay on the tried and tested  route.

So your routes are 100% Accurate?

Whilst we make every effort to ensure our routes are very accurate, we can never provide a guarantee that your device will present the exact same route, but we are very close.
Satellite navigation devices, especially those for motorcycles, tend to have more settings than conventional devices. Each device works off what, available satellites it can pick up, and no two devices have ever been known to pick up the same satellites at once.
What this means is that there may be times when your sat nav device will present a different turn option to that of the guide or tour leader
This issue does come up a lot and we simply say, if you know the tour leader is in front, go with his route obviously.

Here’s an example: If you were on a section of road that was following the main route (an A road for example) your device (this is common with BMW navigators) may try and save you 1 second of your time by routing you down a side road.
But the tour leaders device is instructing him to continue. Both routes the sat nav suggest, bring you out eventually onto the existing route before the next way-point. And that’s another reason why we use so many way points
If a member of the group becomes detached from the rest, the tour guide can feel confident that he can instruct the rider to meet at the next way point, knowing the riders device will eventually route him/her to it and rejoin the group.

Solo Riding

There are times when a rider of a group wishes to ride alone. By using the system of adding plenty of way points to our gpx files, it allows them to ride alone but knowing they are on the same route as everyone else in the group.
This means by the end of the day, everyone has experienced the same beautiful roads and scenery.
One of the biggest distractions on an organised motorcycle tour is riders spending too much time worrying about their sat navs. If you’re in the group, then we always advise riders to focus on the rider in front and worry less about what your sat nav is telling you.
Have confidence in the GMT tour guide, after all, you’re paying them to lead you and they’ve probably done the same route dozens of times.
If your sat nav device is telling you to go a different way and you’re with the group, just ignore it. It’ll recalculate quick enough.
There’s never a right or wrong way when it comes to touring. Often we’ve had to be diverted due to roadworks and found some awesome routes or scenery.
So, spend less time looking at your sat nav and more time looking ahead, or to the sides at that magical scenery. Unless of course you only have an A to B route file and you need to keep stopping to enter the next set of coordinates!


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