Drift Ghost X HD Camera mini review

Having used the Drift Ghost X camera for a year now, I can honestly say this camera rocks. Here’s my views on this simple to operate motorcycle camera that packs a mighty punch

Drift do, from time to time produce something that is really great and the Drift Ghost X camera is one such example. Over the years Drift have come up with new and innovative cameras, some are a success, whilst others can often leave the user feeling a little disappointed but despite the highs and lows I’ve always been loyal to Drift.

My loyalty is a result of their slimline design and quality image all packed in to a small unit that doesn’t leave you looking like a childs toy while the camera is mounted on your helmet

The Drift Ghost X is perfect for bikers. It is small enough not to be overly noticeable when fixed to a helmet, there is little resistance from wind and the operation is simple and swift.

One press of the recording button and the camera begins recording. Once you’re done another quick press stops the recording, saves the file to the SD card and turns the Drift Ghost X off, which saves battery time. Incidentally, I’ve managed to get almost 5hrs of use from one battery charge on this device.

The Ghost Drift X has a very, simple LCD screen to the rear that allows you to adjust a wide range of settings, including frame rate and resolution, wifi connectivity, mic sensitity and so on so that it is possible to view your images on your smart phone with ease using the app.

Watch raw footage from the camera here… https://youtu.be/_X3Yi63zfaA

The supplied microphone adapter allows you to plug in a conventional mic if you wish to use it for commentary and the lens is rotatable like many of the other models to all you to mount the camera in a number of different angles.

It has performed flawlessly for me over the last 12 months and continued to do so in the harshest of conditions, from – 10°c to 38°c in the Sahara Desert. Each time producing high quality high definition video that looks stable and rich in colour during playback.

The compact size is perfect and almost discreet when mounted on the bike, when on the helmet it has very little affect where wind buffeting is concerned. Although it doesn’t have a screen to view your footage on, I never used this anyway due to the small size of the screen and almost always used the app with my phone or tablet connected using the WiFi function on the camera which is a sinch to use.

Despite not having a remote control to distract you with, operation is simple.

I would recommend the Ghost Drift X for the fact it is very reasonably priced and is packed with some fantastic features us bikers find very useful. Get yours today


Came across this article in a search. I am thinking of "side-grading" from a Ghost S to the the X for its extended 8 hour battery and smaller form factor.... But I have read a few people have had their Ghost X die on them in rain. My S has been caught in torrential rain but works flawlessly. How have you faired in rain with the X? Thanks.
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My X died yesterday, just hours before heading off to Morocco. It did get a bit wet but no water damage visible. However, clearly these are NOT waterproof and even a light shower can be expensive. I shall not be buying another Drift camera I'm sorry to say

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