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The BIG question is, do I need one?

The Air Quality Certificate is a secure document issued from the information on the vehicle’s registration certificate (or gray card). It attests to the environmental class of the vehicle according to the emission of pollutants

In one word, YES, you will need one if you ride a motorcycle in any of the cities that have been added to the list whereby one of these stickers must be displayed. It’s a kind of road tax for vehicles, though, having researched this subject I fail to see how implementing a “Tax Disc” style fee payable amount is going to cut down on the emissions, the sticker alone probably spewed out more toxic gas in the process of it being made than your motorcycle did!  Here’s what the official page says
The price of a certificate is € 4.18, payable online . This price covers the costs of manufacturing and sending the certificate, as well as the management fees, including the call center. It is not a tax and there is no revenue for the state budget”
Here are the following towns (as of February 2017) whereby you must have an Air Quality Certificate displayed or risk a hefty fine from the boys in blue, the ones with guns!
So where do you need one… 
  1. Paris
  2. Lyon
  3. Grenoble
  4. Strasbourg

More and more are following suit so keep checking their website or the internet for updates

The Air Quality Certificate is a secure sticker that sticks to the vehicle and indicates its environmental class according to its emissions of air pollutants.

There are 6 classes of certificates. The air quality certificate helps to favor the least polluting vehicles:

  • Favorable parking arrangements;
  • Preferred traffic conditions;
  • In restricted traffic areas (ZCR) or in the event of a peak pollution.

The air quality certificate is the subject of a voluntary approach for users who wish it and who can order it on the site


Principles and Procedures for the Air Quality Certificate

An “air quality certificate” to favor the least polluting vehicles

Road transport is an important source of air pollution , particularly in urban areas. The air quality certificate allows the State or local authorities to vary the devices applicable to vehicles, in particular traffic and parking conditions, in order to encourage the use of the least polluting vehicles and to reduce pollution And its impact on the health of the population.

6 classes of air quality certificates

The vehicles are divided into 6 environmental classes, with the exception of the most polluting vehicles, which are unclassified and do not qualify for the air quality certificate.

The classification depends on the type of vehicle (passenger cars, two-wheeled vehicles, tricycles and quadricycles, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles including buses and coaches), its engine and the European pollutant emission standard it respects, Euro standard “. A specific class is reserved for “zero-emission” electric vehicles.

The classification of vehicles is defined by the Order of 21 June 2016 establishing the nomenclature of vehicles classified according to their level of emission of air pollutants in application of article R. 318-2 of the highway code .

The vehicle classification is valid for the lifetime of the vehicle.


Order your air quality certificate online

To obtain the air quality certificate, you can order it below:


chris brooke
sorry my French isn't that good, perhaps a summary as to what we need may just help, but on a positive note do like the above photo of the Triumph catching up the Honda,
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If you use Google Chrome, it will translate for you. Basically if you enter Lyon, Paris, Grenoble or Strasburg you will need to purchase one of these discs at a cost of around £2.50 for a motorcycle, either online or local petrol station near to the cities in question (to be confirmed)
Norval Scott
Where do we put this disk. Polite answers only lol. Easy to steal???
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It is attached to the screen of the bike. I think in France they also have holders, like the old Tax Disc Holder in the UK. Alternatively it would have to be attached to the plastic or petrol tank?

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