Germany Ban Speed Camera Detectors

France did it and now Germany are doing it. Take note that Germany have now joined France in making it illegal to use the speed camera function on your devices. This includes smart phones/tablets, GPS devices, speed camera detectors and of course sat navs.

The new measures now make it an offence to use devices that detect speed cameras and you could see yourself facing a huge fine or serious punishment.

The simplest solution would be to turn this function off on your sat nav or phone when entering Germany and reactivate it once you’ve left. Unless of course you’re heading into France in which case you’ll need to leave it off.

For most riders, this won’t be a problem, as they abide by the speed limits. But, for many of us who have a twitchy wrist, could see ourselves having to pay hefty fines or face prosecution under the new law.

The advice is to familiarise yourself with your device and ensure you are competent in turning this feature off if you have it on your device, or risk the consequences.


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