I have been a very loyal customer of Drift cameras for the last 10 years and I have loved their cameras because of their compactness, easy of use and the quality isn’t bad either. However, and this is a big (the size of a bus) however, I have literally broken windows, nearly rendered my partner unconscious (due to a low flying camera whizzing past her ear) and gone partially grey, blind and vomited from stress and frustration due to all the glitches of late.

It all started when Drift launched the Drift Stealth, a handy little bit of kit that was upgraded to the 4k modular system. The problems became more common, noticeably the battery issues and power faults, not forgetting the damp getting inside and total power failure.
Yes they may be just over £100 for the Stealth version (£299 for the 4k basic version) but this isn’t an excuse to a buid a piece of expensive camera equipment that becomes only useful as a paper weight after 12 months or less of light use, the company have been around long enough to have addressed these issues. So my interpretation is that they don’t give a big fat poo!

The final straw came for me on the eve of going away on a tour to head off to Morocco on a motorcycle. I charged the Drift Ghost S and my back up/2nd camera, a Drift Stealth 2, but oddly the Ghost S wouldn’t stay in record mode and automatically shut itself off after a few seconds. I persevered, relentlessly, thinking that it was just me having a blonde moment or too much caffeine, but to no avail.
I gave up, almost throwing the bloody thing through the lounge door. So at least I had the Drift Stealth 2, thank the ducks for that. But wait, its not turning on….
At this point I did a little nerdy dance and spilt my coffee on the carpet, this made me even more mad, so much so that I began to turn green… I don’t remember much else but I ended up at the end of my street naked in the dark!

So I tried taking the battery out of this damn thing, I pressed the reset button, held the power button down for what seemed like an hour whilst saying a prayer and doing a native Indian dance to try and will it back to life, I even considered burying it in a pet cemetery that had been built on a spiritual burial ground… I was desperate.
Nothing, all I got was a pretty red light when I plugged it in to charge it but even after being on charge overnight, no power, it wouldn’t turn on. It has since become an ornament, until I can decide what to do with it now its outside its warranty. I may cover it in dog excrement and post it back to Drift.

So I had no choice but break my loyal ties with Drift, my relationship with them had to come to an end, obviously Dirft would be devastated and would spend months begging me to come back… Yeah right.

F*ck ’em I thought, I went over to the dark side and bought a telly tubby outfit. I bought a Gopro Hero 7 Black. Why, I’ll tell you why. When I was on the tour a lad had one of these electronic gadgetry devices and I was properly impressed with the quality, the features and pretty much everything it did. OK, at this point, I admit £400 with the remote was a bit steep and I had to buy new accessiries for it, like extra mounting adapters. BUT it was worth every penny.

The Gopro Hero 7 Black is small enough not to notice and air turbulence even when mounted telly tubby style, I was taken back actually by the fact I noticed no different in helmet comfort. Even at progressive speeds. The remote, although pricey, provides all the functions of the unit itself pretty much but the bonus is that it comes with a strap that actually fits around a bike jacket, unlike Drifts offering which wouldn’t fit around the wrist of a small child. The menu is simple to use, the voice activation is awesome, even if you get some bizzare expressions from people nearby, as you scream into your helmet, “Gopro turn on”, “Gopro take a picture” (I can advise it’s probably best not to use this function when trying to take a picture of something when someone is near you! Especially if they’re wearing a bikini)

The unit is robust and solid and waterproof right out of the bag. Whilst you may not be able to dive down to see the Titanic with it, without a suitable waterproof case, it will go down to 10m as it is.
The battery life isn’t the best, in fact it’s a bit poor but if you tweak the settings and turn a ton of stuff off, like GPS, reduce screen brightness and turn off WiFi, it’ll significantly improve battery life. Besides, I bought a spare and this provides 4hrs or more of power that should be enough for the day’s riding

The quality and colour of the recorded footage is incredible and the stabilisation feature is just pure brilliance. What I also love is the app. This let’s you make short video bursts of your day to day footage and post directly to a social media channel so you can tease your friends and make them jealous. It does a great job of picking out key highlights.

I also found it a breeze to synch and pair it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
So far, I’m very impressed and although the cost is at the higher end, you do get a higher end camera with production like quality

For more info and to buy follow the link https://amzn.to/2ElZbwq

Overall, the Gopro Hero 7 Black really has set a high standard that I believe will be hard for competitors to compete with. After all, it is the go to camera for the filming industry, so it must be good for producing awesome memories on.


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