Booking a tour

Checkout trouble

If you are having difficulties with the checkout process, for example; you have more quantities than you need of a tour or product, click on the basket icon in the top right hand corner of the webpage (next to the magnifying glass icon). This will allow you to make changes to the basket and continue with your booking with the correct number of bookings

How to make a booking

Booking a tour of your choice is simple. Just follow this guide:

  1. Find the tour that best suits you
  2. Use the form on the right of the booking page (or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device)
  3. Complete the details being sure to enter the correct amount of riders (rider & pillion option is classed as 1 booking)
  4. Click the button to pay by deposit or in full
  5. Complete the checkout booking form in full
  6. Choose your payment method
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions
  8. Submit your booking
  9. You receive confirmation email of your booking
  10. Check your spam folders for the confirmation email
  11. You will receive a further email containing an invoice / receipt and balance details
  12. Be sure to add the date balance is due to your calendar (8 weeks before departure for European Tours – 12 weeks for Fly Ride Worldwide Tours)

When is the balance for the tour due

The balance for your tour is due…

All UK tours, balance is due 4 weeks before departure at the latest

All European tours, the balance is due no later than 8 weeks before departure

All worldwide tours, the balance is due no later than 12 weeks before departure*

You may not receive a reminder in your email so please make a note in your diary 

How do I pay for the balance

To pay for the balance of your tour we prefer payment via bank transfer as this saves you money and saves us time as we would need to calculate processing fees if you pay by debit or credit card. 

Please make the payment to;

Account Name: Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd
Account Number: 25798952
Sort Code: 522134 

Ensure you use your booking reference and surname as the payment reference. 


If you wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card there is a 3% processing fee (Merchant handling fee). Please email us at and we will edit your invoice ready for payment by card. This can then be automatically paid for using the same card details you used to pay the deposit or we can take payment over the phone. We cannot add the processing fee to your online account.


You can pay using Paypal, however, the same process applies as above when using a debit or credit card to pay. The processing fee for Paypal payments is 3.5% of the total payment being made.

What happens if I need to cancel the tour

Please see our terms and conditions on cancellation policies

What happens if there are not enough riders booked on a tour?

We may have to cancel a tour if…

  1. There are not enough bookings on a tour and we would run at a loss
  2. Due to reasons beyond our control (such as; a tour guide become unavailable, natural disaster, political or security reasons etc) Please see terms and conditions
  3. The transportation arrangements for the tour (ferries, Eurotunnel or flights) become unavailable due to reasons beyond our control

If for any reason we fall short of the minimum number of riders on a particular tour we will notify you by email at the earliest convenience and advise on the situation. Usually this consists of a couple of options.

  1. Hold onto your booking and wait to see if we can add more riders to that tour
  2. Accept a full refund from us and cancel your booking
  3. Move your deposit and booking to another tour we are running where the tour has been scheduled to run as there are enough riders
  4. Continue with the tour using our virtual tour guide option

gudied motorbike tourWe strongly recommend when booking a tour with Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd to take out appropriate holiday insurance, this covers you in the event of us cancelling a tour, allowing you to be reimbursed of any out of pocket expenses. We recommend Holiday Safe who offer specific motorcycle holiday insurance

When booking any tour with GMT Ltd, you do so in acknowledgement of the above and our terms and conditions 

I dont have my passport yet, can I book?

Yes you can, as long as you have the passport in plenty of time before the departure date.

All our bookings for Eurotunnel, flights, ferries etc are made usually 4 – 8 weeks in advance, so as long as we have those details by then it’s fine. If you think there will be a problem, get in touch and speak to us directly  or call 0330 111 0112

Note: make sure your passport has at least 3 – 6 months remaining from the last date of the tour

I may be changing my bike details, can I book?

Yes, riders change their bikes all the time, we understand this and can accommodate such changes, just be sure to let us know as soon as you have the new bike details and we can amend the booking for you.

Where a booking for Eurotunnel tickets or ferry crossings have already been completed and a change of bike details need to be amended, a small admin charge of £5.00 may be chargeable for Eurotunnel changes. For Ferry changes the fee is different and it is advised to ask us at the time. This is due to the process involved between us and the booking agency to get the tickets modified and reissued. In such instances we are only passing on the cost of the process

Breakdowns & Insurance

Insurance requirements

On all tours you MUST have the following cover;

  1. Breakdown cover
    Most motorcycle insurers cover motorcycles travelling in Europe for up to 90 days
  2. Repatriation cover (for Europe and the countries we will be visiting on the tour)
    Repatriation cover is mandatory and is in place to get you and your bike back home in the event of your bike being unable to continue on the tour due to breakdown or otherwise 
  3. Holiday insurance
    We recommend Holiday Safe
  4. Medical cover (usually included in your holiday insurance)

What happens if I breakdown?

In the event of a customers bike breaking down we will do everything we possibly can to get you going again without inflicting too much inconvenience on other riders in the group, this may include;

  1. Finding a garage for you to visit and have repairs/maintenance carried out
  2. Assisting with towing you to a safe place if your bike has broken down in a dangerous spot (tour guides carry tow rope)
  3. Assisting with contacting your insurance company or someone back home

Where your bike only requires minor repairs we may be able to stay with you, with the group, until the repairs are completed and continue as a group

Tour guides will often do all they can to assist on the roadside to get you mobile again, this may be because of a puncture or broken cable etc. You are more than welcome to use the tour guides tools, recommendations, guidance and repair tools, however, they are unable to assist due to insurance reasons.

If you have an accident and your bike is beyond repair, we will assist in anyway we can to ensure your insurance company will be handling your claim. Once we are happy they will be assisting the rest of the group will continue and you will need to be repatriated with the assistance of the insurance company. Many insurance companies will expect you to pay yourself to get back home, then once home you will make a claim to reimburse your losses and expenses

What If I have a crash?

Clearly, this is one of our worst nightmares, luckily it is extremely rare!

In the unlikely event you do have a crash, our first priority is YOU! – Our tour guides have the knowledge to deal with this incident and will make sure that they do all they can to ensure you are comfortable and that emergency services are called if needed. We will take care of your bike and make necessary arrangements with your insurer or next of kin to have your bike recovered

Fortunately, we have never had a fatality on any tour and we want to keep it that way!

What If I become really ill?

If you fall ill on any of our tours, for example; heart failure, tropical illness, disease or otherwise, we will ensure you receive the best help and assistance.

This includes;

  1. Contacting local emergency services
  2. Providing you with immediate care by one of our trained tour guides
  3. Informing your next of kin
  4. Alerting the UK Embassy
  5. Informing your insurance company
  6. Assisting wherever we can and liaising with the authorities and your next of kin


Hotel quality

We believe in providing our riders with quality hotel rooms. However, this is reflected slightly on our pricing as we don’t believe (based on extensive research and feedback) that you should end a long day in the saddle on holiday by spending the night in a substandard hotel.

All our hotel bookings are either 2, 3, 4 or 5 star rated, the majority are 3 or 4 star and in some cases 5 star depending on whether or not we can negotiate a good deal with the hotel. It also means, many of the hotels we stay at have leisure facilities for you to use during your stay

Where possible we use the same hotels, however, occasionally, this is not possible due to the number of rooms available and we are left with no option but to book an unfamiliar hotel. We do our best to research the hotel in question and ensure that it meets our standards. Rarely, we may get this wrong and the hotel will fall below our high standards, unfortunately this is unavoidable and as we have booked the hotel (often paid in full before departure) we are unable to source another hotel locally. This is one of the pitfalls of motorcycle tour companies and is unavoidable even if you were booking the accommodation yourself, however, our tour guide will make you as comfortable as possible if the hotel falls below standard

What meals are included

All hotels we stay in are inclusive of a full breakfast each morning

We do not, as a rule of thumb, include evening meals unless otherwise stated. However, on worldwide tours, evening meals are usually included in the package price for ease of convenience and of course safety. We do not include evening meals on our tours due to the fact we have been unhappy with the quality and choice of food offered as part of the package deal by the hotel. We do our best to stay away from “Coach tours on two wheels” and believe riders should be able to make their own decisions for dinner arrangements. Your tour guide is on hand however, to assist in finding a suitable place for the group to eat depending on dietary requirements and taste

Many riders do make a small snack at breakfast time to take with them if they get hungry during the day!

Why do you not include evening meals on most tours

Last year we tried to include set menu meals on our tours but it didn’t work out as well as expected. Many of our customers were unhappy with the quality of the food and the limited menu offered, through no fault of our own, it was simply the hotels way of getting their monies worth out of us for organising Dinner, Bed and Breakfast at reduced rates.

As a result, we have since decided to let our riders choose their own meals and have sourced a selection of restaurants local to our hotel stays and even in the hotels that offer good pricing (average meal cost £15)

This also allows us to move away from the dreaded “coach tour on two wheels” as some tour companies provide set menu meals as part of their package, which, are often low quality basic meals with only one or two meal options, leaving some riders having to order off the main menu anyway or find themselves searching for alternative food soon after as they are still hungry. Set meals also, do not cater very well for people who have dietary requirements

What if I book a twin room and there isn't someone to share with?

Rarely, we will receive a booking for a twin shared room where no other rider has booked to share on that tour. We must point out this is rare but when a rider has booked a shared room and no other shared room bookings are received, we will ask only for the additional cost, to cover our out of pocket costs.

The cost is carefully calculated, using only the out of pocket expenses we will incur. Usually this will mean a surcharge of 25 – 50% of the original booking fee.

To date, we have only had to request a surcharge on two occasions, this gives an indication of how rare we encounter this situation

for more details on this please see our terms and conditions

Peak Season Supplements

During peak season there may be a supplement to pay in addition to the advertised prices for self-guided and escorted tours due to hotels increasing their room rates

During the peak seasons, hotels will increase their room rates due to demand.

Peak Season Dates:

  • Summer
    Mid July – first week of September
  • Christmas
    Usually 19th December – 2nd January
  • Easter


How do I make the final payment?

Once you have booked your tour online you will receive an email confirmation. You may not hear from us until nearer the time of departure for your tour where we will send out all the details of the tour you are booked on.

In order to prevent delays to the information being sent to you please ensure you have paid your balance of the tour no later than 8 weeks before European tours and 4 weeks before UK tours. For worldwide (Flyride) tours, the balance is due 12 weeks before departure. Please click here for the payment details page (we prefer bank transfer as it does not incur any admin charges). If you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal please manually add on 2.5% handling fee.

Once full payment is received you will receive from us either a login password to access the files on our server or by email, you will receive the following;

  1. Tour itinerary
  2. Route maps in gpx (Garmin) and trf (Tom Tom) formats
  3. Comprehensive Tour Guide (riding etiquette, safety etc)
  4. Check list
  5. Meeting details
  6. Tour guide contact details
  7. Hotel list
  8. Eurotunnel, Ferry or Flight details and times

Can I pay the tour balance over the phone by card?

Yes, you can pay with your credit or debit card over the phone

As this is a service provided to us by a merchant service provider and we are not a retail business selling hundreds of products daily we are penalised with higher than average admin and handling charges. Therefore regrettably, we charge 2.5% handling fee of the total transaction amount

Can I pay by cheque?

We do accept cheques, however, they are a pain in the bum to be honest. So our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer for final payments and PayPal or credit card for deposits

Do you send out an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a payment receipt or an invoice after the booking is made via our bookkeeping system “Quickbooks” – Please check your spam or junk folders as your email server may identify it as spam or a virus as it contains a pdf of your invoice

Advanced Riding

I read somewhere you offer customers advanced riding tip etc?

As advanced riders of varying levels, some are RoSPA Gold Instructors others are IAM, we are more than willing to offer tips and advice on riding whilst on the tour to improve your experience and enjoyment. This can be carried out discretely if you so wish.

All tips, advice, guidance or otherwise offered on the tour in respect to riding skills is done so on the basis that GMT Ltd will not be held liable or responsible in part or whole for any rider using the techniques as it is classed as information and not official training