If you’ve never toured with us before, or never toured with a group before, we have compiled a few common questions and answers to put your mind at ease. If you have any other questions you’d like to ask us please feel free to give us a call or send us a message.

Yes, you will receive an invoice for the balance within 7 days of booking your tour

You will have received an invoice from us with details of our bank details to deposit the money into our account. You must use your reference.

For example; use your invoice number or your tour booking reference number when making the payment. Click here for our banking details

Yes you can, we will hold your place on the tour until the cheque is cleared. Please ensure you put your booking reference or invoice number on the back of the cheque

Please send cheques to;

Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd
Lab Office 3
The Grainstore
Shaftesbury Lane
Blandford Forum
DT11 7EG

We can accept balance payments of tours by credit card but we do charge an admin fee of £35.00 plus VAT. This is because we use a third part merchant provider to process our credit card payments and the admin fee is cost of time and effort to administer the payment to your account.

We prefer Bank transfer payment

Yes, we always advise clients to bring the original V5 registration document, their license and IDP (International Drivers Permit) along with their vehicle insurance policy and travel insurance policy as a minimum

We would need to know of any vehicle changes at least 4 weeks before the start date of the tour. Exceptions can often be made. If in doubt please contact us.

Due to insurance reasons we can only accept riders on our tours who hold a full motorcycle license entitlement

All European Tours
Balance due 8 weeks (60 days) before start date

Worldwide Tours (including; Vietnam, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Norway, Australia etc) 
Balance is due 12 weeks (90 days) before start date of the tour

Self-Guided Tours
Balance is due 8 weeks (60 days) before start date of the tour

All European Tours
You will have the option to pay just 20% deposit of the tour costs to book the tour and secure your place

Worldwide Tours (including; Vietnam, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Norway, Australia etc) 
Deposits vary depending on the level of commitment we have to make to our suppliers and partners. The deposit amount ranges from 20% – 50%

Self-Guided Tours
Deposits for self-guided tours is 50% of the booking total to secure your place on the tour

All tour packs, including gpx files, itinerary etc are sent by email 4 – 8 weeks before departure. If you wish to know any details prior to this, such as meeting times or return times to UK etc in order to book accommodation perhaps, please get in touch.

Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd have a policy that insists all riders and pillions are covered by some form of travel holiday insurance. We use HolidaySafe as they have been proven time after time to be very efficient in dealing with claims and offer motorcycle trip specific cover for the same cost as a tank of fuel in most cases

You will also need to have motorcycle insurance for your vehicle.
You will also need to ensure you have repatriation (breakdown recovery) for you and your bike in Europe

Most modern motorcycles are very reliable if well maintained and serviced. We do advise every customer to ensure that your bike has been properly serviced before participating on a tour. This reduces the risk significantly of breakdowns occurring. However, we rarely have breakdowns and when we do we team together to overcome it. Often its a case of fixing the problem on the roadside, sometimes it requires being recovered to a local garage and you then catch up with the group. There are many options available to us, even in the most remote areas, you’d be surprised how helpful and resourceful the locals can be.

We do our best to provide our clients with a high standard of accommodation when touring. Typically we opt for 3 or 4 star accommodation but sometimes due to the remoteness or availability of a certain country this isn’t always possible. Most hotels have secure parking, wifi, restaurants and bars. Some have swimming pools too. We try to vary the accommodation so that everyone feels comfortable and it provides you with a broader experience of the local cultures. We try to avoid coach style hotels.

When GMT was established we made a promise never to overcrowd our tours. As such, to this day we still only ever have a maximum of 15 riders in a group. Making it more manageable and less time consuming for you.

Head to the tour page that you have chosen…

  1. Fill in your name, email, rider type and carefully choose your preferred date in the form on the booking page as well as how you wish to pay (either deposit or full amount) Full amount is due when the tour start date is less than 8 weeks away or 12 weeks for worldwide tours
  2. In the cart page, check everything is OK then press continue to checkout (you may have to scroll down to see it)
  3. Complete all the details on the checkout page, especially those with a red star next to it
  4. Enter your card details and pay the deposit or by bank transfer

Absolutely, we are very happy to report that over the last few years we have seen an incline in female riders booking tours with us. Women riders are treated no differently to anyone else in the group. We encourage more female riders.

For tours that require using your own bike or independently hiring a bike, we recommend an engine size of 500cc or above. However, we have had riders on 300cc bikes who coped very well and kept up.

No, when you begin the tour, you can pair yourself up with someone else on the tour that has also booked a twinshare room. Often you will know very early on who you may like to share with. If not we will pair you up with someone. Sometimes the tour guide will share with a customer.

As long as you hold a full motorcycle license entitlement we do not put a restriction on age. Our eldest client to date was 82 years old, and he rode better than some of the lads trying to get their knees down! our youngest rider was 21 years old.

Absolutely, the vast majority of bookings are single riders booking a tour with us to interact with other like minded people, make new friends, have a laugh and enjoy.

No, when you begin the tour, you can pair yourself up with someone else on the tour that has also booked a twinshare room. Often you will know very early on who you may like to share with. If not we will pair you up with someone. Sometimes the tour guide will share with a customer.

We are very flexible and understand that sometimes riders just need space on their own. We are happy to accommodate all riders needs, so if you prefer one day for example you want to ride alone, just let the tour guide know so he is aware. The only exception to this is perhaps our more adventurous tours, such as Tunisia, Morocco, Vietnam, Australia and so on, where we expect the group to stay together for safety reasons.