How Do You Make A Really Good Tour Even Better?

In the underground caverns of Guided Motorbike Tours towers here in the deepest, wettest part of Dorset, our team of minions have been working relentlessly on new tours, upgrading our tours and improving our motorcycle tours for the upcoming year and for 2020.

Our team of slave driven lackeys have come up with some funky ideas, mostly based on your feedback, our customers. We listen to what they say and the feedback has been incredibly useful in providing new and improved versions of our already most excellent adventures

Let’s start with the Route Napoleon Tour and explain what we have done, to make this tour even better than it already was.


We have improved the mileage by adding two extra days on the tour. Before, the transit days were a bit long and hurried for some customers, so by adding another couple of days we’ve managed to reduce the daily mileage to a more manageable amount for those with bones in their bums instead of flubber like me. This means the longest day, has been reduced by 100 miles to a respectable 250 miles.

It also means we were able to fit in a rest day on the Route Napoleon Tour, which is brilliantly placed in the Gorge Du Verdon. A spectacular region in the Cote D’Azur offering customers the opportunity to explore the gorge, relax, swim, ride a horse or just drink beer in a scenic cafe and get slaughtered.


We mentioned this above, the additional days added allows us to shorten the length of time riding each day, whilst that sounds like a bad idea, it’s not. Some days we’re long and could take 10 hours to get to the hotel, the now shorter times allow more time to see more scenery, more stops for a breather, take photos and even get a selfie with a mountain goat… If that’s your thing!


We’ve incorporated more scenery into the tour. Whereas before there was enough to keep most scenic dwellers happy, now we have added even more so you’ll be on a scenic High


We have significantly reduced the amount of motorway ridding on this tour, so much so that I can’t even remember which parts have motorway. Instead we’ve ditched the demolition Darby racetrack for farmlands and A roads with more to see and at a less speedier pace (unless you have some cobwebs you need to get rid of)


We’ve also found some top notch hotels on route that are an improvement on the previous ones. Being more consistent and providing better food options.

So there you go, we’ve given you several reasons why GMT are the motorcycle touring company to go with and plenty of reason why you should book one of the last couple of spaces left in the route Napoleon Tour!

Ride safe



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