How To Crash Your Motorcycle!

Yes, it is a slightly unorthodox title for a Web blog but if you read on you’ll see that this short article could make a big difference

Bret Tkacs, is an adventure motorcycle instructor based in the USA, we love his informative short training videos on YouTube, and you can view his videos on his channel Mototrek

Bret demonstrates, in one of his latest videos how to crash properly. As we said before, this may seem a little strange, why on earth would you want to crash your bike? Well, whilst Bret demonstrates how to deliberately crash, he shows you you the right way to leave your bike in the event you lose control. In the video Bret bravely demonstrates loosing the front end and continues to explain what to do, to reduce injury to yourself.

It’s a very brave demonstration, as we all know, crashing a bike can result in serious injury, but Bret shows us how to do it as safely as possible and whilst we wouldn’t recommend practising this yourself, it’s good to know if you ever do end up in a similar position, hopefully you can revert to memory and implement the technique. Bret also highlights the benefit of soft panniers. We use soft panniers from Moskomoto whenever we venture off the tarmac because they sustain less damage to you, the bike and the panniers themselves. They are also extremely good bags!

For more information and videos from Bret head over to his website



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