What is your most used price of kit?

Garmin 595lm. Not only does it give accurate route results but also provides weather updates ahead allowing us prepare the customers and avoid getting drenched or cold.

What’s your favourite item(s) you carry? 

Lenovo Touch screen laptop and Samsung Galaxy S8, allowing me to edit video at the end of the day in the hotel and get it up on our Facebook page for people to follow our progress

How many sports cams do you carry? 

3, a Samsung 360 camera, 2 x Drift HD cameras, one front and one rear. They don’t run all the time, only when there is a section of stunning scenery.

How many miles do you ride a year? 

It varies but on average between 25,000 and 40,000

What’s your favourite location(s)? 

Vietnam is one of my favourites, its a beautiful country with no threats and the people are amazing as well as the food and scenery. I also love Morocco, South Africa and the Alps

Whats the longest day you’ve had? 

In miles, it was riding down to Spain, 700+ miles in one day was exhausting. In terms of time as opposed to miles, it was getting caught out in Ceuta on the Spanish / Moroccan border. We were stuck there for several hours negotiating our way through customs, even with a fixer to hand and then had a 5 hour ride to Fes in the dark, rain and heavy winds on crappy, country roads with no lighting and goats. We arrived after 22.00 at the accommodation having been on the go since 06.00

Whats been your scariest moment? 

When a customer rode into a petrol tanker and crashed. The rider wasn’t responding at first, so, I had to administer trauma care in amongst a crowd of Moroccan motorists, who were all flapping about and then having to  follow an ambulance at 100mph to different hospitals all day. The rider made a full recovery. Dealing with the officials was challenging!

What’s your best moment? 

There’s been many. As corny as it sounds, seeing customers happy and watching their faces light up when we stop at some magnificent view points, or the time I jumped out of an airplane 15,000 feet above Cape Town, or the time a wild Lion brushed past us in a wild game reserve, or the sun setting over Halong Bay… It’s endless!

Some say you have a dream job, would you agree? 

Yes and no. When on a tour I am remind I am very lucky to have this job but I also spend months and months planning and arranging hotel bookings, ferries, flights and so on all over the world. This can be challenging and being able to speak 30 different languages would be a great help! Most of what we do is behind the scenes planning, many customers realise that a lot goes into our tours, experience, knowledge, contacts, who you know not what you know etc. But some don’t and think it’s dead easy. We don’t mind. As long as they’re smiling, we’ve achieved our goal

What we’re you doing before you started running GMT Ltd?

I was a Private Detective, Certificated Bailiff  and Intelligence Officer working with the legal profession and corporate companies

So GMT was a big jump then? 

You could say that. My previous career became depressing. It was all too negative. So I wanted to help people not hinder them.

How long have you been riding? 

Since I was a kid.

Have you had specialist training? 

I would say so,  I was a RoSPA Gold Advanced Motorcycle instructor and have undergone many courses relevant to the role, such as first aid, overlander, and navigational as well as expedition training. However, courses are no substitute for experience and knowledge

What was your first bike? 

A suzuki TS50. I loved that bike. Followed by aseveral Honda XL’s with Twin shocks

What’s your greatest ambition? 

To ride around the globe. I know it’s been done to death now but it’s a journey that offers a life changing experience

Do you have an other ambitious plans? 

I would like to ride from North to South pole via the Pan American Highway but due to political reasons, cost and climate changes, its very unlikely to happen

Finally, what’s your dream touring bike? 

Tough one. The Triumph Explorer 1200 was very good to me, heavy, but a great touring bike and solidly built. I was put off though due to its top heavy weight and limited service support outside of the UK. I think the Yamaha Tenere XT1200 is a good choice but for now my 2016 Africa Twin CRF1000 keeps me smiling!


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