When you book a tour with Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd it means so much more to us than another number in our booking form. We like to think of ourselves as one big family, every year we make hundreds of new friends and it’s an absolute joy speaking to customers on the phone or on tour and that’s why we want to keep in touch and have you back on our tours year after year. Because of our relaxed attitude, fun and entertaining personalities, we have seen a huge incline of repeat customers (thank you). As a result we now offering a loyalty scheme and recommendation incentive

loyalty scheme

Returning customers get great rates

If you have toured with us before we would love to see you come back again. For all our loyal customers we offer a loyalty discount. The discount amount is dependant on the type of tour you are booking. So the best way to get the most out of us is to give us a call or send us an email and we will discuss it with you. Give us a call or message us today if you are a returning customer

Recommend A Friend

We acknowledge the value of recommendations and word of mouth, as a result we would like to reward anyone recommending a friend to join our tours. As a way of showing our thanks and appreciation we will happily reward you with a £50 Amazon voucher once they have made full payment for the tour. Alternatively, if they book the same tour as you at a later date, we will deduct £50 from your account.

In addition to being a valued customer, from time to time, we announce special tours, scouting tours and discounted tours to all our regular customers, allowing you to save even more off the cost of your amazing motorcycle touring holiday with Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd

Returning Customers 66%
Recommendations 47%
Vietnam Tour (pictured above) - Returning customers on the tour 80%