Met Police “Tactical Contact” – Is It Enough?

The Home Secretary a few days ago gave his backing for Metropolitan Police to use a new tactic known as “Tactical Contact”, which is a massive step towards combating the rise in moped theft and moped related crimes across the capital.

The new tactic, allows specially trained officers to ram moped riders causing an end to the pursuit. The purpose being to prevent further injury, damage or fatality to members of the public. So far the “Tactical Contact” approach is working resulting in only minor injuries to the riders of the stolen mopeds. Furthermore, it is reducing the number of crimes committed using mopeds in the capital.

Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions and encouraged speeding up have the new law passed through #Parliament to ensure police officers, who follow the correct procedures are not prosecuted, suspended or fired, following a complaint.

The worry remains is this; if police crack done on moped crime, which accounts for a large proportion of crime in the city they will undoubtedly find another mode of transport or method of committing crime to fill their pockets and fuel their adrenalin rush. So how we can we deal with this, despite the ever decreasing police budgets.

One suggestion, that works extremely effectively in many countries around the world is the use of tactical motorcycle riders. Riders equipped with the skills and training to deal with such scenarios. Skills that include on and off road riding on a machine best suited for multi terrain use, a motorcycle that is light and cost effective to repair, reliable too. Something like a Honda CRF 450. Combined with weapon training using tactical weapons such as plastic bullets, Tazers etc this could be the answer..

Singapore, Brazil, Cuba and many others adopt this tactic and it works brilliantly.

Its cost effective, very reliable and 9/10 pursuits end with the suspect taken into custody. A 5 series BMW saloon has little place in the capital, big bulky and subjected to being trapped in traffic, the bikes can weave their way through the chaos with ease.

It makes perfect sense, would reduce crime, improve response times and wouldn’t need a huge budget

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