Morocco Border Requirements – 2019 Changes You Need To Know About When Temporarily Importing Your Vehicle

Since I can remember, crossing the Moroccan border has been an interesting affair depending on which port you enter

If you enter from Ceuta, through the Spanish enclave, then you can expect chaos, confusion and commotion and up to 4 hours passing documents from one so called official (fixer) to the other, whereas in the more modern port of Tangier Med, the procedure is far more relaxed, less hectic and confusing and a more pleasant experience (if  ever there was one when crossing African borders) with procedure times reduced to around 1 – 2 hours

Ceuta fixers will charge a fee, usually around €5 – 10 for helping you out sort the import forms. To be fair, you’ll be there forever if you don’t use a fixer, so just roll with it and let them do their thing. You can identity them usually by the official looking badge about their neck and long wooly coats. Expect them to disappear with your documents, don’t panic, they’ll come back  They also tend to have a lot of rivalry and you’ll find them scrapping over you (not literally, they just bicker, shout and get a bit pushy) , especially if there is a few of you on bikes as they want the prize money!

In Tangier Med, there are no fixers, there’s no need for them as the port is more modern and efficient, so you deal direct with the customs officers. You’ll find several kiosks offering insurance (3rd party Green Cards), don’t just go to the first window, check out all the prices, to be honest, they’re pretty much the same, a 10 day Green Card will set you back around £50 – 60 and they are all issued on the same form from the main authority in Cassablanca or Rabat. You should receive a fancy looking form with a hologram on it. Some say you get free breakdown cover included but we tried this once and had no such luck, so employed the services of father and son and a rusty old pick up truck! You can also get money exchanged from Euro to Dirhams here at the kiosks (closed currency so you can’t get any in the UK and shouldn’t take it out of the country either). This applies to both Ceuta and Tangier Med ports just after customs.

Previously, one would need to fill out a temporary vehicle import form (D16ter) online via the Moroccan authorities website and print off the three copies it provided in Arabic for your temporary vehicle import. This entailed translating French into English and understanding what to put and where, such as your VIN number (found on your V5) your passport details, mother’s name and so on. Fortunately we offered assistance with this by provided clear instruction in our tour guide pack.

I have just had a response back from the port authority in Tangier Med regarding the new procedure as the web page where you once filled out your details has been withdrawn and foreign vehicles being imported temporarily are now exempt from filling in the D16ter. However, according to the page you’ll need similar documents as before but it also goes on to say you will need a power of attorney sealed by the habitual countries authority (Court). I wanted to clarify this so I wrote to the port authority customs officials in Tangier Med

The response I received is below…

تلقى اجابة
من: الوحدة الجهوية المكلفة بالطلبات بمديرية الجمارك لميناء طنجة – المتوسط

Sir, From January 1 st, 2019 the procedure has changed; the subscription of declarations D16 ter is no possible.
So, you will have the formalities on the boat.
But the documents are the same:
Documents you need:
– The original vehicle registration certificate.
– The vehicle must be on your name.
– Your passport


This would indicate then that very little has changed and seemingly, the only difference is that we now have to complete the necessary temporary import forms on the ferry or at customs control at the port itself. This to be fair is no different than before, other than you need to do it on the boat and not from the comfort of your own home / computer.

I am, assuming also, that from the response, a power of attorney is not required. The power of attorney was simply to allow a third person the legal authority to bring your motorcycle (or car) back out of the country should anything happen to you whilst in the country and you are unable to bring the vehicle out yourself. In the past, one would have had to contact the police commissioner and get authority.


Dr John Strak
Very helpful info Chris. Do you know if insurance sold at the Ceuta border? I am crossing there with a vehicle in early October for 14 days and green card insurance quotes in UK are silly. Thanks. John
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Sorry for some reason I wasn't notified about this comment. Obviously a bit late now but you can, get 3rd party green card at the border. Ceuta can be hectic to get through. Your best bet is to use a fixer but be careful you don't get ripped off. If I cross at Bab Sabta (just beyond the Spanish enclave in Ceuta) I use a fixer I call before arriving. He meets me there and gets me through pretty damn quick for a few Euros!

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