Moskomoto Soft Pannier Motorcycle Bags Review

I don’t usually have the time to review items I buy but every once in a while a supplier will blow me away with their product and Moskomoto did just that!

Mosko was founded in 2013 in America, when Pete & Andrew left their corporate jobs to make motorcycle gear. Their partnership combines decades of design and manufacturing experience for some of the world’s leading outdoor brands, with first-hand experience riding dualsport bikes through some of the remotest corners of the globe.

They only sell direct to riders – no dealers, no distributors – which eliminates a costly distribution step and enables them to use premium materials without making the product too expensive. Motorsport retailers typically markup a product by 50-100% over the manufacturer’s original price. By selling direct, they can deliver that added value to the rider through premium features, top-shelf materials, and highly competitive prices. Because they sell direct, they rely on word-of-mouth marketing to build their brand.

Moskomoto have achieved what I was beginning to think was never going to happen, fully functional, practical and well designed motorcycle luggage that looks to last for many many years.

You can clearly see a lot of thought, sleepless nights, tons of coffee, dozens of doodles and heaps of attention to detail has gone into making these bags

“When I first opened the box for my delivery of the Back Country 35ltr Pannier Kit I was blown away”

When my Moskomoto Back Country 35ltr Pannier Kit arrived here in the UK I was very excited as you can imagine. Previously, I had been using Wolfman soft luggage panniers and whilst it performed well for me over the two years ownership, it presented several issues I had to contend with. A couple of those issues was; outer bags leaking causing water to settle at the base between the drybag and the outer bag, fraying of the straps and fiddly cinching system (to compress the bag making it snug). There were a few other issues, such as the over seat strap digging into the seat liner and the fiddly mounting straps making a chore to remove the whole bag as well as getting the waterproof liner into the outer bag when it’s mounted in the bike but enough of that, those bags are now sat in the back of my garage collecting dust and looking sorry for themselves!

When I first opened the box for my delivery of the Back Country 35ltr Pannier Kit I was blown away by their first appearance, I was in awe. The quality, thickness and rigidity was immeasurable to anything I had seen before and I was immediately reassured my investment was a good decision.

The bags come as a pair with all the mounting plates and fixtures needed to mount them onto an existing pannier rack. I already had the SW Motech Evo rack and the fixing brackets for the mounting plate fitted a treat. They are machined aluminium in a really nice blue colour that seem to hug the contour of the frame perfectly. Mounting the back plates that hold the bags and provide easy and simple slide on/off fitment of the bags was a doddle,it took me approximately 30 minutes for both sides following the clear instructions that came with the package.

The main bags then simply and very easily slid over the tough plastic mounting plates, they feel solid and secure in places and further secured with a butterfly style hook latch that can also accommodate a small padlock for security

Being the owner of a 2016 Africa Twin CRF1000 I did encounter a problem that I was previously advised about by the team at Moskomoto and that is, on the right side pannier, the mounting plate sits almost flush with the pillion grab rail, which, fouls the locking clasp. I moved the mounting plate back about 2″ on the pannier frame and this clears it but only just with a fraction of a millimetre spare but for me it’s a small inconvenience against the benefits of the quick release system and rigidity of the bag itself.

The main compartment has a waterproof liner. It’s very tough and very thick and instils confidence with regards to its waterproofing abilities. At the top of the opening the inner bag is secured to the outer with a 360° velcro strip. This is useful. On the Wolfman bags they didn’t have this function and sometimes it was fiddly when trying to get the inner bag inside the outer.

The outer straps that are used to cinch and tighten the contents is brilliant. Mosko have designed a simple system that prevents the straps from flailing about, a velcro loop allows you to roll, the straps up and secure it tidily in place… Very neat!

There is an outer part to the bag which is called the “beaver pack” I believe, this is ideal for storing wet gear, tow rope etc and also acts as a protective lining in the event you decide to slide the bike across tarmac or dirt. This outer liner can be easily replaced or repaired, saving massive costs on replacement of a new bag.

Both bags have two outer pockets, they claim they’re not waterproof but they do hold a lot of stuff. I managed to pack 2 inner tubes and two cans of chain wax in one. You also have the ability to add extra pouches as the bag is equipped with Molly Straps, so if you want to carry fuel for your stove as an example you can attach an external pouch for this keeping it separate from your main compartment/luggage

Very tough, durable and quality components have bee used to make these bags and I am a firm believer in buying something to last. I have ridden around Europe with these bags and they are so easy to get on with. They can be removed from the bike in under 5 seconds and rock solid on the bike. I’ve been a user of soft luggage for a few years now and I have to say, without any reservation or hesitation, that these are the best I’ve used.

Already with a few thousand miles on them they still look brand new. They haven’t faded, frayed or given me any concerns and no, I don’t work for the company or get free goods from them, I’m just saying how it is.

Here’s a video that explains in detail more about the bags

And here’s the link to the product

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Tony Hill
Well done. Excellent article. How did you order your 35 litre Mosko and postage cost. I am trying to find the best way to buy the Mosko Reckless 40 Litre to use on a Ténéré 700. Thank you.
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Via their website
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You can now order from their EU website

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