Motorcycle Holiday Travel Insurance

Motorcycle Holiday Travel Insurance is essential if you’re thinking of heading off on your travels but which policy is the best policy?

We take a closer look at Holidaysafe travel insurance, who offer a specific policy that covers motorcyclists, if you want Motorcycle Holiday Travel Insurance you can trust, then read on.

I’m asked many times if I can recommend a travel insurance company that will cover our customers for when they participate on our tours and I always say the same word “Holidaysafe” without a doubt.

Fortunately, I’ve never had to use them myself and I hope I never have to but I know of several riders who have and all have been mighty impressed with the service and the efficiency in which their claim was handled.

Heart Attack in Africa

in In one case study one of our customers who was riding in South Africa (not on one of our tours) suffered a heart attack.

Having spent time in the hospital and then flown home to recover, his claim was handled by Holidaysafe and settled within weeks, the cost of his medical treatment, assistance and all the necessary planning to ensure a comfortable return back to UK was all covered by the insurance.

The customer was relieved when he was told the full amount, amounting to thousands of pounds, was all covered and he didn’t have to pay a penny, even the taxi fares where covered.

Tyre Failure, Croatia

Another example was when a rider on one of our tours (Croatia & Slovenia Motorcycle Tour) suffered a punctured tyre whilst riding, causing the rider to vere off into a ditch, luckily he only sustained damaged panniers and a broken headlight assembly along with a bruised ankle.

His bike was recovered to a local garage where repairs would take days. The rider opted to return home and collect the bike at a later date.

Two weeks later, Holidaysafe agreed to pay up to £1,000 for the rider to return the bike back home, which covered his flight back to Croatia and the cost of the journey home.

The customer even managed to get reimbursement from Holidaysafe for the days he couldn’t participate on the tour

Cancellation Cover

Holidaysafe not only covers you if you encounter a problem on your tour, it also provides cover against the cost of your holiday.

For example, if you had an accident or, became ill, preventing you from starting the tour, Holidaysafe in most cases will reimburse you.

Helmet & Gear

The Holidaysafe motorcycle holiday travel insurance cover also provides (depending on which option you choose) cover for your helmet and kit.

For example, if you happen to damage your helmet, either from dropping it and damaging it, or have a slight off and damage your gear let’s say, you can make a claim to replace it through Holidaysafe.

Gadget cover

They’ll even cover you for gadgets, so laptops, phone, cameras and so on can all be covered on the policy (optional extras)

So for around £25 for a single trip or from £80 for annual cover, it’s a no brainer to take out Motorcycle Holiday Travel Insurance with Holidaysafe

The policy also covers you when travelling around the world (USA / Caribbean etc are optional extras) but almost all other countries are covered.

I find it very useful especially when travelling to Asia to visit Vietnam as I know I’m covered for my luggage, lost cash, gadgets and injury or medical care.

It also covers me (medical insurance only) when riding other bikes on our fly ride tours, I have opted for off road use also, which is an option.

It’s an essential requirement in some cases and you’d be a fool not to consider Holidaysafe

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