Product Reviews & Testing Opportunities

For suppliers and manufacturers who would like us to support them with product reviews and testing 

In today’s economy, client reviews and product feedback is key to successful and continued development of products and sales. More and more companies are turning to people like ourselves to assist with product sales and promotion and best of all it costs far less than a small advertising campaign

Our guides travel the world through harsh environments suitable for testing manufacturers products and machines. With a combined annual mileage of approximately 100,000 miles our tour guides are the ideal candidates to test your motorcycle accessories and products, in return we offer unbiased reviews, vlogs, exposure across our social media profiles and of course and more importantly, the people/riders who will buy the products, our customers

Here are just some of the benefits we can offer manufacturers and suppliers;

  • Review blog on our website detailing the product fully and it’s benefits with images shared across a network of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  • Video blog with a detailed review that can reach 1,000’s of potential customers and buyers
  • Exposure on our website using a dedicated page, blog or even listing the item in our shop
  • Exposure on our Facebook business page with over 4k followers
  • Exposure on our Twitter page
  • Exposure on our Linkedin account with connections all across the motorcycle industry
  • Recommendation of your products to our clients (500+ per annum)

Our clients turn to us for recommendations on the products we use. Clearly, as professional riders we often opt for the best equipment, this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive! What is important to us is that the equipment, accessories and the machines we ride, provide us with hassle free touring with minimal inconvenience and disruption, we need products and accessories that will work when we need them to, to perform all the time and never let us down

How can we help YOU?

Your product is provided to us for evaluation and testing. It will be tested in the normal way in which we use all our equipment. Keeping in close communication with you, we will provide continued feedback and information on the product(s) and provide you with a draft of our review prior to going “live” to give you the opportunity to ensure that it is in the best interest of your customers

How does it benefit you?

Product testing is an invaluable source for businesses looking to promote their products, over a period of 12 months, based on our usage of a specific motorcycle for our tours by one of our tour guides, encouraged our clients to purchase the motorcycle, six in fact, generating sales revenue in excess of £90,000 based on our ongoing reviews and recommendation of the motorcycle to our clients.

We are currently testing a number of products from major manufacturers such as Garmin, Aquaquest and Samsung to name but a few, you could join them and work with us to give you customers good reason to want to buy your products based on our recommendations from tried and tested usage

We are currently accepting opportunities to review products from the following categories

  • Helmets
  • Luggage (hard and soft)
  • Electronics
  • Motorcycles (touring and adventure style only)
  • Clothing and Protection Gear

For more details on our product testing and review program please contact Chris Seagal –

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