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We all know that most motorcycle insurers will insure you when you are pootling around the UK and Europe, however, many of these insurance companies (scamsters) have a set of limitations that you often won’t get to find out about (because no one reads the small print) until the day you actually need it. Read this article, it could save you a massive bill!

Motorcycle insurance companies come in all shapes and sizes, there are the big players (who you can trust) and there are the crooks, who you should stay well clear of. Over the years we have seen many a tears shed, not from crashing or falling off their bike but from the news the rider receives when they have to make that dreaded call to their insurance provider telling them their bike has been stolen, damaged or unrepairable.

There are many insurance providers out there that will try every trick in the book to not pay out. In fact, we have begun to realise, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Some insurers just want your money and if it means charging you less than half the going rate to get your money, they will, what they don’t tell you is what is hidden in the small print, such as; restrictions between certain hours, that you are not covered or protected by your policy if your bike is stolen on your driveway, or that some countries are excluded from the policy, such as, Norway or Switzerland, Bosnia, Montenegro and so on.

These are devious tactics in our opinion and we believe insurers should be honest and open about simple things, such as those listed above, I mean, who on earth would think they aren’t insured being parked on their own driveway if you stipulated that you park the bike in a garage? It’s not like you are going to pop home to grab something for 5 minutes and have to unlock the garage and put the bike away!

Morocco has always been a contentious issue where travelling by bike and insurance is concerned, many of your common brand named insurers wont offer additional cover, leaving with the only option to take the compulsory 3rd party cover at border (approximately £40). To be honest, this 3rd party cover (green card) only covers you if you hit someone else, it doesn’t offer you breakdown cover or repatriation cover and it certainly doesn’t offer you replacement parts or damage cover as fully comp would.

There is a way around this though, not fully, but at least it offers some peace of mind. A company called Holiday Safe, provide motorcycle travel cover all over the world, so far I haven’t been able to identify any limitations as to the countries they wont cover, it seems all countries are covered. Great news but what does it offer?

The policy, for about £50 offers you insurance in the event of a breakdown, even in Morocco. You will have to pay to get the bike repaired or out of the country but they will reimburse your costs and even pay upto £1,000 to fly you back out if your bike needs longer time to be repaired. The trick is not to crash or fall of though!

They are the only insurance company I can find that offer cover specifically for motorcycles and motorcycle sports, they even cover motocross, trials, racing and off roading. They are certainly worth looking at.

At least when you head off to Morocco now you wont feel as though you will have to push your bike all the way back to the ferry, or buy a camel to pull you along at 3mph!

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