There’s a lot of opinions going around on these new UK speed cameras that seem to be popping up daily.

Whilst there is still NO official data on the exact units being installed on our roads (due to the available customisable accessories) , there is some credible information detailing their basic capabilities.

Hopefully this information will debunk many of the opinions and comments floating around, that lack research or reference to any credible source/facts.

The larger unit being replaced, now contains two high powered digital zoom lenses, offering 3D HQD image capture. The slot underneath is the strobe. (this larger unit resembles a face, two eyes and mouth). It’s important to note that the high powered zoom lenses are capable of capturing vehicle data at considerably further distances than the previous cameras. One source of information states up to 15x the distance than previously. For many of us, that’s further than we can see them, by which time it would have already captured your details.

The smaller unit next to it has many abilities also known as Vector or SPEC, this records your registration number using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and can identify if the vehicle has no mot, tax or insurance as well as identifying if the vehicle has been flagged for previous offences, such as drugs, weapons etc. It can manage red light offences and has the ability to add further functions, one being a utility camera to record incidents such as RTC or altercations between motorists etc.

The cameras operate in both directions, assuming you have two number plates! Be mindful however that the cameras are placed on routes in alternating directions.

The main cameras may also have facial recognition (unconfirmed but highly probable based on the quality and zoom capability of the cameras) and are able to communicate with traffic units nearby via the main control centre. An alert sounds on the patrol vehicles on board computer, much like ANPR does now and provides clear HD images of the vehicle and possibly driver along with recorded speed and direction of travel

The most concerning information for many, is that they also act as an average speed camera, logging your registration onto the national database, then comparing your speed between two or three other similar cameras in the area, which are being installed in their hundreds across the country. Something most people won’t be aware of, as the Department of Transport don’t actively inform motorists. It’s a case of, wait till you get caught.

This is not a conspiracy post, it’s merely to make people aware of the possible potential of this new equipment to avoid unnecessary penalties. For many, it won’t concern them if they abide by the law.

However, I’m sure everyone is guilty at some point of committing a road traffic offence, even if it was just 3mph over the speed limit! Hopefully they may begin with lettered warnings for minor breaches but we will see many ¬£100 fines and 3 points handed out by the truckload in the future for sure, along with some controversy no doubt, on subjects such as Human Rights or Privacy Laws.

It is unconfirmed if all the new cameras will be as visible as the previous Gatso style cameras, which displayed yellow paint as an early warning (the one pictured has been painted yellow but only from the rear). However, they are quite large and cumbersome, so can be spotted relatively easy if you have your eyes peeled

Lastly, the cameras are appearing in random locations. As well as the old units receiving the upgrade, many more new units are being installed in new areas across the country, which, could catch motorists by surprise.

There doesn’t seem to be many official articles on any local authorities websites but a quick search on some of the Speed Camera groups on Facebook shows regular, daily or hourly updates on new camera sites and upgrades.

There are literally hundreds of these things being installed, and with most people under house arrest, they’re going mostly unnoticed. One was being installed during the early hours of the morning under darkness.

Stay safe and remember, big brother is watching you!