Price Increases

As with any organisation, prices go up due to inflation, costs and a ton of other reasons. Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd have retained their prices for the last 2 years without any increases

However, a time has come whereby we need to increase the cost of our tours in order to maintain the high level of customer care and our dedication to quality motorcycle tours

The increase will be implemented at the end of January 2020. This will allow customers the opportunity to book spaces on our tours before then at the current cost.

The price increases for all tours will be relative to the additional costs we incur, inflation and currency rates. Our objective is to increase the cost of tours only to cover our additional costs. Therefore we envisage an increase on average of between 5 – 8% of the current booking costs.

Any bookings made prior to the price increase will not be affected. Your tour booking will remain the same in terms of price, unless of course affected by our terms and conditions relating to the fall in currency as standard

In order to enjoy the tours for 2020 at 2018/2019 prices, we recommend you book before the end of January 2020

We strive to provide the best motorcycle tours along with thrilling, entertaining and fun rides, In order to maintain our high level of dedication and commitment we do have to review our tour prices but shall, as always, remain competitive

We appreciate your loyalty and your custom.


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