Reducing Wrist Pain When Riding
Reducing Wrist Pain When Riding

Reducing Wrist Pain When Riding can make your motorcycle ride a more pleasant and enjoyable experience

Have you noticed aching palms of your hands, wrists or back after a motorcycle ride? Especially on longer rides? It’s clearly an uncomfortable experience and can put some people off riding altogether.

There are ways you can reduce motorcycle riding fatigue, and they don’t cost you a kidney

There are some simple ways to manage reducing Wrist pain when riding, aside taking a dozen pain killers each day.

The first and most obvious cure, is to change your motorcycle, whilst this isn’t always an option for some riders, sometimes we just have to come to terms with the fact that the bike isn’t suitable for us.

This may be due to age or just simply the wrong bike. For example; a sports bike isn’t the ideal choice for touring or long, all day rides

When test riding a bike, you need to ride it for at least half a day to determine if the bike induces pain in certain places, back, hip, knee, wrists, neck and so forth. However, this may just be from the lack of using certain muscles in your body, and it’ll take time for them to get used to the unfamiliar riding position.

But what if you can’t replace the bike, or simply don’t want to?

There are other options of reducing Wrist pain when riding and some of the recommend add ons and tips below, may just work for you and reduce wrist or back pain when riding, in fact, it could be the answer to your prayers!

Try slip on handlebar grip foam, known as Grip Puppies which can help with reducing Wrist pain when riding

Grip Puppies, are definitely nothing to do with small cute animals. They’re like tubes of foam that slip on over your existing handlebar grips, providing a softer and more comfortable area under the palm of your hand. The Grip Puppies  work by taking pressure off your pressure points and palm.

Many riders have had great success from Grip Puppies, whilst they do add a little bulk to the grip, making it feel thicker, after a settling in period, they can reduce fatigue in your wrists and offer a far more comfortable ride, especially on longer journeys.

Having tried the myself, my only criticism was that they made the handlebar grip circumference much thicker. As an off road rider, I’m used to having a more positive feel and feedback from the bars.

Use thicker gloves

This may sound daft, but you’ll be surprised how wearing a pair of thicker gloves can reduce fatigue in your hands. Most of the pain in the hands from riding is due to pressure points and weight on the wrists.

Use cruise control or buy an add on cruise control device

Cruise control on a motorcycle can undoubtedly reduce fatigue in your hands and arms when riding. Allowing you to release your grip and exercise your hand for a moment.

If your bike doesn’t have such a luxurious accessory then you can buy one as an add on. There are many available, some work well, whilst others are just useless and a waste of money. looked at a few available on the market and tried some of them. Here’s the results:

Cheap option.

You can buy a very cheap option to try and relive pressure on your wrist when riding. Its a small, simple device, that allows you to rest your wrist upon, whilst still keeping the throttle open. It has proven to be especially useful for riders who suffer from arthritis. The simple device simply wraps around your handlebar grip, allowing you to rest your palm upon it, thus also keeping the throttle open. It’s fairly discreet and once you get used to it, it’s hardly noticeable.

Kaoko Cruise control

A better option is the Kaoko cruise control. This small device integrates with your bar end to provide a friction lock, keeping the throttle open. The downside is that it won’t release when you apply the brakes or pull the clutch, as you may find on flyby wire cruise controls on modern bikes. Nonetheless, it offers a great way to reduce fatigue on long mile journeys. For example; on motorways.

Whilst it’s more expensive than the simpler design above, it does work well. For more information on the Kaoko Motorcycle Cruise control, clikc here.

Foam motorcycle handlebar grips

Foam, grips are popular with off road riders and enduro or motorcycle competitors as they reduce vibration. Vibration can cause numbness and Repetive Strain Injuries. Whilst they’re thicker, they can provide a similar result to the Grip Puppies. At least with Grip Puppies, you can remove and refit them as and when it suits, depending on your needs.

Kidney Belts

If you suffer from bad back when riding, consider a kidney belt. A simple design that looks similar to a weight lifters or bodybuilders belt it helps by keeping you in the correct posture, relieving strain on your lower back. Some jackets have then built in. I ride with a Klim Badlands jacket and the integrated kidney belt definitely makes a difference on longer rides.

Heated Belts and Vests

Cold can cause a number of issues when riding and I’m sure we’re all aware of how cold affects your joints. Using a heated belt or vest can keep muscles supple and flexible, reducing fatigue, cramp and pain associated with long periods of  exposure to cold. You simply connect them conveniently to an adapter similar to a speaker headphone style socket and away you go. If you choose a good quality one you can often adjust the heat setting.

Finally, here’s a good video that offers assistance on how to reduce rider fatigue by Life at Lean.

We hope some of these tips can help you have a better more comfortable and enjoyable motorcycle ride in the future.

Stay safe and keep it shiny side up.


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