RST Heated Waterproof Gloves
Winter motorcycle gloves
One of the biggest gripes about motorcycle gear is that it rarely stands up to its claims. Manufacturers promise us waterproof materials, thermal materials that’ll keep you warm and even comfort and durability but how many of those claims are actually true?
As a rider who regularly clocks up over 30,000 miles each year, I’m forever replacing kit that has either failed the manufacturer’s claims or just hasn’t lasted the test of time. I recently bought some Goretex gloves made by Richa that promised to be waterproof and warm as well as providing comfort on long journeys, sadly, none of the above was experienced. The gloves had minimal thermal, insulating properties, despite their claims, the glove failed to keep water out for longer than 2 hours and the comfort was, well, let’s just say, it was “uncomfortable
On a recent tour to Tunisia, a customer brought along a pair of RST Heated Gloves.
Winter motorcycle glovesThe gloves are, RST CE approved Thermotech Heated Gloves
Rechargeable waterproof heated winter gloves with ergonomic pre-curved fingers, Premium cowhide leather and Maxtex construction offering 120 – 150 minute runtime on highest heat setting and 240 – 270 minute runtime on lowest heat setting
They are CE approved, for use on UK and European roads.
Powergrip with super fabric at key areas, Neoprene DuPont ComforMax classic inner liner, Smart micro flexible fibre heating element, Elasticated Powergrip wrist closure for a secure fit, Ergonomic pre-curved fingers helps prevent fatigue, Double leather palm increases abrasion resistance, 7.4V Lithium battery with charger and UK adapter Double stitched seams for enhanced durability and Heavy duty bonded nylon thread used throughout
I was impressed with how warm they were and how long they lasted. On minimum setting, which keeps your hands cosy, you’ll expect to get just over 4hrs use from the heat setting.
The gloves stayed bone dry, even when riding all day in torrential downpours, making me very jeoulous, as I fought to get my sodden Richa Goretex gloves back on when at the top of a very wet, and cold Grimsel Pass in 7°c temperatures. I was so impressed with the feedback from my customer that I ordered a pair. My main reasoning for buying was because they stayed dry all day.
It’s rare to find motorcycle kit that will actually do the job it promises but RST delivered and delivered well. Well done.
Here’s the link if you want to find out more


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