There are times when we call upon customers to join us on a scouting tour. This is an opportunity for you to join us on an epic touring experience at a much reduced cost. Tours will included those to distant lands, such as South Africa, America, Middle East, Australia, Asia many others

What is a scouting tour?

A scouting tour can also be referred to as a recce tour or pilot tour, which, basically means a tour we haven’t run before with clients. It is your opportunity to join us at a significantly reduced cost. We would already have spent weeks if not months liaising with our new business partners and in some cases would have already flown out to meet them. We sit down and plan what is the best options for our customers and put a tour package together.

We take our tours seriously and refrain from sending customers out to an unknown contact without us checking things out first, so this is a perfect opportunity to join our tour guide on what will be a recce tour for future customers. It’ll be a proper adventure!

How can you join one of our scouting tours?

You will need to complete the form below to register your details. Ideally you will be flexible with dates as often there is short notice given

What experience do I need?

You will need to be an experienced rider who has experience riding off road on adventure bikes and be in good health due to some tours riding at high altitude. You will also need to be a fairly robust person who doesn’t mind getting wet, muddy or cold as some of the locations are what we describe as adventure playgrounds

How much will it cost?

We only charge the cost price of the tour plus the cost of the tour guides travel and expenses, on average you save around 30 – 40%

What locations will be available?
Australia, Nepal, Tibet, China, South Africa, America, Peru, Asia, Middle East, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and others

How much notice is given?
We aim to provide plenty of notice, usually 2 – 3 months. You will be sent an email and first to respond and make payment will be who joins us. Spaces are usually limited to 8 -1 0 on pilot tours.


    Allocations for scouting tours are based on rider experience, health and general suitability for the category of tour. You will be responsible for paying for your own flights and other expenses, such as visa entry costs on the trip that aren’t included in the tour package. Holiday insurance is mandatory. Payment for the tour will be due in full payable by bank transfer.¬†