It’s all too easy as a professional tour guide to become complacent with ones self, travelling all over the place and clocking up as many as 30,000 miles a year. Often forgetting that others may be nervous and apprehensive about the journey ahead. For us, jumping on the Eurotunnel and heading south along roads where

Latest Motorcycle News Regarding UK Motorcycle Owners Riding In France The BIG question is, do I need one? The Air Quality Certificate is a secure document issued from the information on the vehicle’s registration certificate (or gray card). It attests to the environmental class of the vehicle according to the emission of pollutants In one

As a motorcycle tour guide, I frequently get asked the question, “what’s the best roads I’ve ever ridden in Europe?” Part 1: Almalfi Coast Road, Italy Europe is unmistakably,  a playground for motorcyclists of all genre’s. From sports riders, adventure riders, cruiser riders and street bike riders, it’s one massive big playground of twists, turns,