The Vietnamese Government early this year announced that foreign nationals could not ride or drive cars without a Vietnamese License. This clearly proved to be an issue and after many letters and negotiations with our business partner in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy etc, they have finally changed the ruling, in our favor.  Vietnamese authorities

Good to know Vietnamese authorisities, earlier this year, introduced new rules for foreigners wanting to drive and ride in Vietnam When travelling to Vietnam, you don’t need a visa if staying less than 15 days, however, it states that you must have a visa in order to apply for a Vietnamese motorcycle license. You are

We have recently received information from the traffic department of Hanoi, which, states that you can apply for a temporary local riding license for Foreign Tourists when they ride motorbikes over 50cc in Vietnam. This has never been a problem before, partly owing to the fact our business partner is on very good terms with

A land of greatness, friendliness and culture. A country that is heavily underrated as a travel destination. Vietnam is a pure delight in every sense and although it may not have white sandy beaches stretching the length of its land, it has something far more important than parasols, sun loungers and cocktails  The Vietnamese people

The engines burst into life, a roaring, rumbling sound that became louder, signifying take off was imminent. I was on my way to Hong-Kong with 10 customers for the transfer flight to Hanoi and I was very excited. The 12 hour flight went quicker than expected, free meals and drinks as well as free alcoholic drinks