Managing Director

Chris, a family man with an outgoing, fun and attentive personality, is the founder and Managing Director of Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd and has many years riding experience, averaging around 25,000+ miles per year on a motorcycle.

Chris has organised ride outs for charity, involving groups of over 100 motorcycle riders raising thousands of pounds for children’s hospitals, children’s charities and families of bikers who were involved in a fatality or serious accident . Chris has also acted as a representative for Dorset MAG, and is also a member of the BMF

Chris has decided to pursue a career based on his passion for motorcycles. Chris is also a RoSPA Gold Advanced Motorcycle Instructor, a keen off road rider and enjoys camping, kayaking, martial arts and bushcraft.

As an avid traveler and explorer, Chris likes to discover routes that are away from the tourist traps and combining some of these into the tours he produces, providing clients with scenic routes and visually stunning landscapes rarely seen by other tour companies.

Chris aspires to one day circumnavigating the globe by motorcycle and hopes to provide a selection of expeditions in the near future, to locations such as China and Mongolia using his worldwide travel experience


Craig (Snips)

Senior Tour Operator

Snips is our Senior Tour Guide and bloody nice bloke, liked by all, he is a great entertainer and unflappable in any situation. Snips rides in excess of 30,000 miles per year on his BMW R1200GSA and is a very likeable guy

A cool, calm and collective rider with advanced riding skills, Snips is very attentive towards clients and will go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and happy at all times, he also has some pretty excellent medical skills, which, have proved invaluable.

As an ex-soldier and protection officer working in some of the harshest conditions in the world, Snips has also been trained to use machine guns, amongst an array of other weapons, so in the face of adversity, he would be the best bet to have by your side! Snips is also pretty handy with a first aid kit and a motorbike and often provides clients with skills and advice that have made a huge impact on our customers riding enjoyment whilst on tour with us

On one of our recent tours of 2017, Snips jumped into action during the early hours of the morning to provide medical assistance to a client suffering from a heart attack. Despite the customer believing they had indigestion, Snips quickly identified there was something more serious going on, the client was rushed to hospital, followed by Snips on his bike. The client has made a full recovery no thanks to Snips’ skills and quick thinking, he literally saved his life!


Tour Operator

Nigel is a new member of our team and as well as being a RoSPA trained Advanced Motorcycle rider, he is also pretty handy with a camera. Nigel, spends much of his spare time capturing images with his DSLR camera and of course riding his BMW R1200GSA

Nigel is calm, collective and is a likable chap who will ensure you are well looked after and have a great holiday with GMT