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From the moment you see the border crossing getting smaller and smaller in your wing mirror, you are drawn into the world of culture and intrigue as you head into the heart of Morocco, a country that is not only diverse but offers so much of a contrast without having to travel halfway around the globe.

The quickest route is undoubtedly by overnight ferry from the UK into Spain, ride down to the south coast then hopping onto a ferry to Tangier-Med, which, seems to flow far better than crossing the border at Ceuta. It’s a relatively painless experience as long as you enlist the help of the internet, so you have the right documents.

A couple of hours at most and you’ll be through the border collecting your Dirhams, which can only be obtained once inside the country due to a closed currency. There are plenty of cash points at the border. The best time of year to enjoy the wonders of the country is between April and May or October and November. Outside these dates it can get super cold on the High Atlas Mountains and too damn hot in the Sahara. By far one of the most stunning places you should visit is Chefchaouen, a town nestled among the Rif mountains in the north just 110km from Tangier. Its famously known for its bright blue painted buildings and steep narrow alleyways.

Further south you reach the low and high Atlas Mountains and traverse across into the Sahara Desert, which, strangely appears at the end of a tarmac road. The sand is very fine and certainly almost impossible to ride on with a fully kitted adventure or touring bike but fabulous fun if you have a snowboard handy! Sticking to the main tarmac roads there is an abundance of sights to see, including Todra Gorge and Gorge Dades, two incredible locations not to be missed. Further on you could stop in Boulemane, the adventure capital of the desert, where you will rub shoulders with people from all over the globe riding KTM’s, quads and rally cars.

Then take a hike over the high Atlas Mountains and head for Marrakesh, mistaken as the capital of Morocco, it has the biggest medina ram packed with souks, an ideal place to get that fake Rolex or a fine ornament for your mantelpiece

From here you are spoilt for choice, you can head to Casablanca, Rabat or even further south into the desert if you don’t mind playing the part of a boiled sprout. Or head up north to see the Cascades D’ Ouzoud, an impressive and stunning waterfall in the middle of nowhere. Then why not head up through Oulmes and ride through some truly incredible roads and back up to Meknes and into Tangier for a stroll around the city where the famous Jason Bourne films were filmed

Or you could just book the trip with us and we will do all the planning and arrange the accommodation, documents and ferries for you whilst keeping you safe and showing you the hidden gems along the way. You’ll also make some great friends and have a brilliant fun time

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Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour is one of our favourites. A fascinating country. 99% tarmac roads, great food, awesome people and trouble
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