21 Days
Tour pace


When 14th September – 4th October 2019 (TBC due to ferry times)
Where 14 countries, France, Alps, Italy, Greece, Adriatic Coast etc
Roads Tarmac with optional gravel tracks
How much From £1999
Suitable for Experienced, competent riders only!
Culture  Eastern European culture
Duration 20 nights, 21 Days
Accommodation Mostly camping (own tent) and 6x nights in Hotels 1 x night in Lodge or tipi
Tour type Escorted tour, you will need a sat nav

Back by popular demand! 
We have run the European Adventure Tour a couple of times now and despite not running in 2018 we have been inundated with requests to list it as a tour for 2019 – SO HERE IT IS!

Join us on a remarkable adventure through 14 countries staying in your own tent along with a few hotels thrown in for good measure

Following on from the success of the last two European camping tours we have had many requests to offer this tour to customers in 2019, so here it is and it’s better than ever before!

On our last two European tours we rode from the UK through the Alps, into Italy and then hopped onto an overnight ferry to Greece where we explored this beautiful part of the world before heading up the Adriatic Coast through Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and so on. It has been on both occasions a magnificent, life changing experience for those involved, so this year we thought we would improve the tour once again and give 14 very lucky riders the exclusive opportunity to ride with us on our new and improved grand tour of Europe

We don’t want to give too much away and spoil the intrigue and excitement but here is a taster of what to expect on the tour. For more detail, have a look a the itinerary

Please note:
This is an Escorted Tour, as such, there are a few sections that may be unsuitable for some riders or their machines, such as; some optional short gravel or dirt road sections on a couple of the days. However, there are tarmac only options also, which, you can ride but will need to navigate yourself using your own sat nav. The route is straightforward as long as you follow the sat nav and will enable you to rejoin the rest of the group. You are also not obliged to stay in the group, as long as you inform the tour guide before separating from the group to prevent any delays. This means you are free to ride at your own pace and rejoin the group in the evening

Ride through 14 Countries Eurotunnel Return included
Bring your own tent/sleeping bag Overnight cabin on ferry included
6 nights in 3/4* hotels  All campsite/hotel Accom fees included
Ferry from Italy to Greece included Breakfast and evening meal included in hotels*
Rest days to enjoy featured areas Professional tour guide
Experienced riders only Daily maps in Gpx format supplied
Escorted tour (Flexible) Daily maps in Tom Tom format supplied 
Free Neck Tube, stickers and Keyrings Free limited edition tour specific t-shirt
Visit Bosnia Visit Herzegovina 
Visit Greece Visit Montenegro 
Visit Macedonia  Visit Albania
Visit Croatia Visit Slovenia
Visit Italy Visit Switzerland 
Visit Austria Visit Belgium
Visit Luxembourg And more…


You will need to bring your own small tent (a two man tent with a porch area is ideal) and sleeping bag/mat. Most, if not all of the campsites are fully equipped with modern facilities, such as; hot showers, toilets, restaurant and bar etc. There will be 6 nights staying in 3/4* hotels, in order to freshen up, relax and sort some kit out but also get a good bed to sleep in. There will be one night of glamping in Tipis, wooden cabin (subject to availability).
During the hotel stays (usually a rest day the following day), breakfast and evening meal is provided (excludes glamping night)


Any bike is suitable over 500/600cc but in order to be practical we would recommend a touring bike or adventure style for ease of carrying your luggage. We provide a check list of equipment you should bring to minimize overloading your bike. You actually don’t need as much as you’d think! We do not recommend cruisers should be taken on this tour. There will be some off road (gravel track) sections that are optional (a tarmac alternative will be available)


At the time of publishing this, no visas are required. Border crossings are usually very simple and hassle free. Your tour guide will have considerable experience with this and the ability to break the ice with the customs officers making the crossing smooth and friendly (we often get asked by the customs officers to pose with our bikes for selfies once a report has been established)

You will need to purchase “green cards” at the borders in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, ranging from 10 Euros to 25 Euros. This is third party insurance and is compulsory irrespective of whether you have insurance arranged in the UK or not


Whilst the tour undergoes many months of planning, even the best laid out plans can have their glitches. This is an adventure tour and as such we may come across sections in the mountains that are technical and challenging at times but once we are through it, it can and most often is a huge sense of achievement for most. Please ensure you know what you are booking, if you have high expectations of a luxury holiday and having your hand held by the leader, with luxury accommodation and a la carte food each night, this is not the tour for you.

It will most likely rain at some point, it will be dusty and hot at times, as well as challenging, pushing you beyond your comfort zone BUT it will be very exciting despite some longer days in the saddle. Sometimes the journey will be a test of your nerves and confidence but the journey will be one that will always shine brighter than any other tour you’ll go on. Ending will a sense of achievement and exhilaration you will have wished you’d done it years ago

This isn’t a tour for the faint of heart, it is a tour for those wanting to explore not only the superb countries we visit but also themselves. For many, it will be a breeze in the park but for some, it will be an opportunity to discover your inner-self and find new abilities you never thought you had!



We meet early morning around 07.00 at the Eurotunnel for our 08.20 departure, so we can make the most of the day and get to The Ardennes Valley, our first campsite of the tour, with hot showers, toilets and a bar/restaurant on site. On route we will use non motorway roads through France

Distance: 203 miles
Riding time: 5.5 hours riding time
Roads: No motorways
Accommodation: campsite



We head south today avoiding motorways all day as we head through the Lorraine National Park, then onto the Vosges Mountains where there will be a short play on the twisties before heading to a beautiful campsite with plenty of facilities and gorgeous views, just right next to the lake Longemer La Vologne. We camp here for the night and tomorrow head through the Grand Ballon

Distance: 240 miles
Riding time: 6 hours riding
Roads: Mix of rural roads
Morning coffee stop, lunch stop, fuel stop
Accommodation: campsite



We have an eventful day today. Our first ride will be through the Vosges Mountains, in particular the Grand Ballon, The Grand Ballon or Great Belchen is the highest mountain of the Vosges, located 25 kilometres northwest of Mulhouse, France. It is also the highest point of the Grand-Est French region.

From here we head through Regional Natural Park Thal just over the French border into Switzerland. Soon after we head through the UNESCO Biosphare Entlebuch National Park, A world Heritage UNESCO site. Next up is Grimsel Pass. The Grimsel Pass is a mountain pass in Switzerland, crossing the Bernese Alps at an elevation of 2,164 metres. The pass connects the Haslital, the upper valley of the river Aare, with the upper valley of the Rhône. This magnificent mountain pass, often with snowy peaks throughout the year is spectacular, the roads are smooth, often long and winding with a few hairpins thrown in for peg grinders!

We rest in our lovely campsite near a town called Fiesch in Switzerland (it may be cool at night due to the altitude)

Distance: 221 miles
Riding time: 6.5 hours riding
Roads: Mix of rural roads, lots of twisties!
Morning coffee stop, lunch stop, fuel stop and several stops for photos etc
Accommodation: campsite



Today we ride through some spectacularly scenic roads in the Swiss Alps which bring us into Italy early morning as we head down onto lake D’Orta. We then ride around Milan and head for Pisa. Now in Italy, we need to jump on the motorway for a while to make up some time. We arrive in Pisa to a comfortable campsite with pool, restaurant, bar etc. That evening we talk a walk (500yrds) to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a spectacular sight in the flesh, so to speak and also have dinner in a restaurant just yards from the famous tower. A wonderful experience and worth every mile of the longer day on motorway this afternoon

Distance: 325 miles
Riding time: 6 hours riding without stops
Roads: Mix of alpine roads and motorway
Morning coffee stop, lunch stop, fuel stop and several stops for photos etc
Accommodation: campsite


DAY 5 - PISA to ROME (Capital City)

You have two options today;
It is recommended that we leave slightly earlier today as traffic in Rome during late afternoon can be challenging! 

  1. Using your own sat nav, you will head onto the motorway for a 215 mile direct ride into Rome, the sat nav will take you directly to the hotel, giving an ETA of around lunchtime, allowing you the chance to look around the city in the afternoon and evening. It is a direct route and approx 4.5 hrs with perhaps one stop for fuel and refreshment at the designated motorway speeds
  2. Opt for the mostly non-motorway route (far more scenic riding through the Tuscan Countryside with lots of smooth long flowing bends) and arrive in Rome approx dinner time, this leaves less time to explore the hectic city but still plenty of time to have a stroll during the evening after dinner

Distance: 215 miles or 240 miles (slower route)
Riding time: 4.5 hours or 7 hours (mostly non-motorway option)
Roads: Motorway (direct route) or mostly A type roads with some motorway for the scenic route
Accommodation: 3* Hotel with breakfast and evening meal (1/5)


DAY 6 - ROME to SORRENTO (Amalfi Coast)

We leave Rome just after 08.30 and head south now towards Naples. On route we ride through Parco Naturale Dei Monte Aurunci before taking a ride up the twisty Mount Vesuvio, famously known as the volcano that erupted and devastated the town of Pompeii in 79AD. Having snapped a few photos, we head to Pompeii’s archaeological site, we wont stop to view the site, it is merely a quick stop to show you where it is and how to enter. As you will have a day of rest tomorrow you are free to jump on the train or ride your bike if you wish to view the site (The train takes you from Sorrento, where we will be staying for two nights), to the entrance to Pompeii (about 30-45 mins journey)

Sorrento is a beautiful town and my favorite in Italy, sit in the square cafe and watch the world go by or take a ride on a horse and cart. Sit on the marina with a beer etc. There is lots to do

Distance: 210 miles
Riding time: 6.5 hours riding
Roads: Mix of rural roads, national park & motorway
Morning coffee stop, lunch stop, fuel stop and several stops for photos etc
Accommodation: Campsite



Day off to explore the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento, which sits just next to the Amalfi Coast Road. Sorrento is a coastal town in southwestern Italy, facing the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Perched atop cliffs that separate the town from its busy marinas, it’s known for sweeping water views and Piazza Tasso, a cafe-lined square.

The historic center is a warren of narrow alleys that’s home to the Chiesa di San Francesco, a 14th-century church with a tranquil cloister. Stroll through the town, sip coffee or Limoncello (locally made lemon liqueur) in one of the cafe’s or take a short ferry ride to Capri. Capri, is an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is famed for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels and shopping, from designer fashions to limoncello and handmade leather sandals. One of its best-known natural sites is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave. In summer, Capri’s dramatic, cove-studded coastline draws many yachts. You could also head to Pompeii or Naples on the train. There’s plenty to do!!

Accommodation: campsite



We head from Sorrento today along the incredibly amazing Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast Road can get busy at times, which is another reason why the tour runs outside the peak season times. Nonetheless, it is an absolute wonderful experience.

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. It’s a popular holiday destination, with sheer cliffs and a rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. The coastal road between the port city of Salerno and clifftop Sorrento winds past grand villas, terraced vineyards and cliffside lemon groves

From here we head east to Brindisi to catch the late evening ferry, that will take us overnight to Greece. A shared cabin is provided (private cabin if rider and pillion or single rider with private room)

Distance: 247 miles
Riding time: 6.5 hours riding
Roads: Mix of rural roads & motorway
Morning coffee stop, lunch stop, fuel stop
Accommodation: Ferry cabin



We arrive in Greece just after lunch time and disembark the ferry, then head through the Panachaiko mountains (gravel OR tarmac only options).

Dirt/gravel, single track & tarmac roads that wind through the mountains, bridges and small villages (see image). For competent experienced riders only with suitable bikes. There are some short gravel/dirt track sections we can ride through the mountains for the more adventurous riders


The alternative option is to take the shorter route on tarmac roads using your sat nav and the route provided to you before the tour starts, either way, both groups will meet up at the campsite early evening, which is located on the western shores of Greece near Koupouta. The tarmac only option route takes you through lovely countryside with smooth flowing bends

Distance: 117 miles (dirt/tar) / 61 miles (tar only)
Riding time: 4hrs (dirt/tar) / 1.5hrs (tar only)
Roads: Gravel/dirt trails & tarmac or tarmac only
Accommodation: Campsite



We ride from west to east today through the winding countryside and farmland of Greece as we head for Athens today for well earned rest day tomorrow

Distance:211 miles
Riding time: 5hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel



Take a day off, explore Athens, sit by the pool!

Accommodation: Hotel



From Athens, now refreshed from our two night stay. We head along the motorway for a short while to Delphi, which is a town on Mount Parnassus in the south of mainland Greece. It’s the site of the 4th-century-B.C. Temple of Apollo, once home to a legendary oracle. This extensive mountainside archaeological complex contains the remains of the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena Pronaia, as well as an ancient stadium and theater. Delphi Archaeological Museum displays artifacts found among the ruins

From here we head through beautiful countryside to reach our campsite in Stomio

Distance:273 miles
Riding time: 6hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Campsite



Another day of riding through beautiful scenery and along some amazing roads as we head northwards to Macedonia via mountainous regions such as Agrias Zois, Ossa Oros etc, where we will be staying on lake Ohrid tonight in a great campsite. We will be crossing the border today so passports and documents at the ready

Distance:273 miles
Riding time: 6hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Campsite



We head through Luzni Bulac Park today among others as we enter Alabnia through some of the most stunning roads. Hugging the border of Macedonia and Albania for the morning we cross into Albania for the afternoon and head for the coast where we stay in an enclosed campsite on lake Skhoder with sandy beach and  log cabin restaurant.

We will have to present our documents and obtain our 3rd party insurance green cards at the Albanian border today so expect some delays

Distance:173 miles
Riding time: 7hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Campsite



A stunning day today as we ride through the mountainous terrain in Montenegro. Bobotov Kuk is a peak in northern Montenegro. At 2,523 m, it is the highest peak in the Durmitor mountain range and had been thought to be the highest point in Montenegro.

Similar to the scenery and roads of the Cote’D Azure, this is a beautifully stunning area with deep gorges, valleys, mountains and short tunnels carved into the mountainside as the roads run alongside. We head for Blagaj in Bosnia where we stay in a hotel for the evening as its a long day!

Distance:242 miles
Riding time: 7hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel



We head for Croatia today, with a short ride to the coast from Bosnia we enter back in Europe and head for the D8 coast road. A road the winds itself along the Adriatic coast, it is amazing so we wont give away too much to spoil the fun.
Then its off to Plitvice Lakes where we get to view the beautiful park with all its waterfalls and finally onto the campsite for the night staying in Glamping Accommodation, Tipi’s or lodges.

Distance:242 miles
Riding time: 6+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Glamping (Tipi’s or lodges) subject to availability 



Making our way back to the coast of Croatia, we again join the D8 coast road in the north for a last blast along the coast before heading inland to Slovenia.
We will be staying on lake Bled tonight with wonderful scenic views

Distance:211 miles
Riding time: 6+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Campsite



Leaving the lake behind us, we head up the mountain into The Julian Alps, a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps that stretch from northeastern Italy to Slovenia, where they rise to 2,864 m at Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia and of the former Yugoslavia.

With over 40 hairpins you may feel a little dizzy but thats not the end. We then head for Grossglockner pass and ride the magnificent road to Zell Am See lake where we stay in a campsite

Distance: 200 miles
Riding time: 5+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Campsite



Off to Germany today and heading for the Black Forest where we will be staying in a hotel for the evening

Distance:322 miles
Riding time: 6+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel



From Germany we head to France today and spend our last night in the Ardennes Valley, our starting point for the first night, where it all started. Over a meal in our hotel, we recollect the adventure and journey we have just undertaken and what a journey it will have been!

Distance:289 miles
Riding time: 5+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel



Homeward bound to Calais Eurotunnel to catch the train back to the UK

Tour Ends

Distance:180 miles
Riding time: 4+hrs riding
Roads: Tarmac
Accommodation: n/a


14 September 2019 – 4th October 2019


Single Rider Sharing a Twin Room with another customer/rider – Only £1999.00
Rider & Pillion Sharing a Twin/Double – Only £3499.00
Single Rider Private Room – Only £2999.00

Included in the price of the tour booking

  • Eurotunnel return fare
  • Ferry from Italy to Greece with cabin
  • 3/4* Hotel accommodation
  • All Campsite fees
  • Full buffet breakfast and evening meal (evening meal up to the value of £20pp) when in hotels (Not including glamping)
  • Full support from a professional tour guide
  • First aid and advanced rider trained tour leader
  • Itinerary and detailed instructions / info guide
  • Daily GPS maps for your Sat Nav or smartphone
  • Expert advanced riding skills advice (if requested)
  • Free T-shirt, neck tube and keyrings
  • Free video compilation of the tour
  • Copy of images taken by the tour guide of the tour

Not included;

  • Travel insurance (see here to get yours through our partner company)
  • Repatriation cover / breakdown cover (speak with your bike insurer as they often include this or can add it to your policy for a small charge)
  • Fuel
  • Toll fees / Border fees / Green cards / Carnet de passage
  • Parking fees
  • Entrance fees to attractions
  • Meals or drinks other than stated
  • Room service or mini bar

How much will fuel cost?
We calculate fuel on the basis of £10 per 100 miles, therefore expect to pay approx £500 for fuel for the expedition

How much are the customs crossings?
In order to cross border crossings in Bosnia, Montenegro etc, we will need to purchase “Green Cards” (3rd party insurance and it is compulsory even if you have UK insurance cover)
The cost varies between 10 – 30 Euros

Will I need to bring my own food for camping?
Most campsites have shops, restaurants and bars, that said, we cannot be responsible for their opening times and as such it is recommended to bring a few ready meals just in case, as well as something for breakfast

What equipment will I need when camping?
You will need;

  • Small tent
  • sleeping mat
  • sleeping bag
  • small stove to make warm drinks, along with coffee or tea satchets
  • A small selection of travel meals (either hydrated or wet)
  • mess tin or similar
  • head torch
  • hat
  • plus your usual touring equipment, clothes, wash bag etc.
  • Most of which will fit in a dry bag strapped to the bike or in panniers

A full list is provided

Do you hire motorbikes?

No but we do know a company based in south London who may be able to hire you a bike

Are the places on the itinerary safe?

Yes, conflict in the regions where we will be travelling is long subsided and there is no risk of war. Crime is present but less of a risk in the areas we will be riding

If you wish to ask a question please email us

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