On this 16 day tour you’ll discover the Carpathian Mountains, historical monuments and cities and lush green forests over mountain passes as well as the Transalpina and Transfagarsen Passes to name but a few

This 16 Day tour of Romania, starting with a ride through the famous Grossglockner Alpine Pass, into Slovenia across the Julian Alps and into Croatia, Serbia and onto Romania to ride the Carpathian Mountains along with the utterly stunning castles and the brilliant Transfagarasen Highway, is a must do for any intrepid motorcyclist looking for adventure and excitement


Our exclusive Romania Motorcycle Tour for 2018 includes the Carpathian Mountains, an area that runs around the outside of the country and offers impressive scenic landscapes, which are popular with riders, drivers and for trekking, climbing and bathing in natural thermal spas

Ride the Transfagarasen Highway, visit the numerous castles and caves along the way and ride around the Carpathian Mountains on this feature filled motorcycle tour of Romania. Riding through Germany and Austria, Croatia and Slovenia then onto Serbia we arrive in Romania and begin touring the vast mountain landscapes and soak up the constant and ever changing scenic routes. A great tour for seasoned riders and pillions and ideal for adventure bike riders


Stunning Carpathian Mountains & Lakes
Transfagarasan Highway / Mountain Pass (image above)
Corvin Castle
Salina Turda
Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)
Peles Castle
Ancient Historical Monasteries
Transalpina (Mountain pass Carpathian Mountains)
Grossglockner (Alpine Pass Austria)
Numerous Alpine Passes (Austria)
Some of the most incredible scenery in Europe and more

Whilst for the majority of the time we stick to the main routes there are some occasions where we will be riding on roads with poor surface. This is not a problem for adventure bikes and sports tourers but for sports bikes it may be a little uncomfortable, please bear this in mind

To get to Romania takes 3 – 4 days riding. We try to make this as fun and exciting as possible by throwing in some more scenic routes, such as riding through Austria and over the Grossglockner Pass. We also head through Slovenia on route and Croatia, so there is lots to keep you from falling asleep at the handlebars but bear in mind we cannot avoid motorways on the transit days.

The total mileage for this tour is approximately 3,900 miles with one day of off the bikes halfway through the tour

The food is mainly well cooked meat most dishes are meat platters, salads, chips, potatoes and stews, steaks, burgers etc but western European food is available in most places

Of all the countries we visit, Romania traffic and drivers are fairly considerate. However, caution is always advised when riding in European countries as the drivers rarely use their indicators and can overtake on bends.

Tip; get into the habit of using your horn, it is used a lot in Europe to warn drivers and other motorists of your presence

Yes, we enter Croatia and ride from there through Serbia, it is perfectly safe and we are only riding through the country for a few hours on the main roads. Dealing with the border patrol will be handled by your tour guide

We must emphasis, this is an adventure tour and as such there will be, what some riders consider to be long miles (longest day 380 miles), this is because Romania is one of the furthest countries we visit in Europe but you will have an incredibly fun time with memories to cherish whilst being in safe hands!



We begin our journey in Folkestone and travel to Calais in France via the Eurotunnel. From here we head south through Belgium and Luxembourg then back into France just on the German Border for our first nights stay in or near the Nord Vosges National Park (depending on group size)

Distance: 370 miles
Time: 6 hours (not including stops)



As Romania is on the other side of Europe we have another transit day today. Riding from Bitch in France to Austria lining ourselves up for the Grossglockner Pass the next day. We stay near the pass on the north side so that the following day our first port of call will be the magnificent mountain pass, the highest accessible road in Europe

Distance: 350 miles
Time: 6 hours (not including stops)



Our day begins with a magnificent ride across the Grossglockner Mountain Pass, stunning isn’t the word for this so be prepared to be amazed if you haven’t seen it before. You will ride to the glacier and then onto Bikers View, the highest accessible road in the Alps. From here we head across to Loibplass in Slovenia, another mountain pass before making our way to Zagreb in Croatia

Distance: 268 miles
Time: 6 hours (not including stops)



We head out of Slovenia and cross through the borders of Serbia, your guide is on hand to help with paperwork and customs. Finally we arrive in Romania! Our first stop is the beautiful 15th Century town of Resita. From here on in the riding becomes incredibly scenic, more relaxed and of course we have plenty of time to take in the surroundings and attractions such as the castles and mountain passes

Distance: 358 miles
Time: 6.5 hours (not including stops)



We will visit Corvin Castle in the morning but before we do we take the 582 road through the Semenic – Cheile Carasului National Park. Full of sweeping bends and some slightly tighter bends it will be a welcoming treat from the past couple of days

We stop to have a look at the incredible Corvin Castle and spend some time looking around. We then head for Natural Park Gradistea Muncelului. Today is a more leisurely ride with plenty of time to spare to take in the surroundings and admire the beauty of the forests and mountains. We finish the day staying in the mountains of Parîngul Mare in the Carpathian Mountain range, lining us up for the Devils Pathway (Transalpina) tomorrow

Distance: 170 miles
Time: 5 hours (not including stops)



Today is much shorter as we ride over the Transalpina (AKA The Devil’s Pathway – pictured)

Transalpina (latin for “across the mountains”) is the highest road in Romania – passing through valleys and plateaus, the road reaches its highest point at 2,145m altitude, offering not only breathtaking views but also unique riding experiences.

It stretches right through the Parang mountains on National Road 67, from Novaci to Sebes, and was previously known as ‘The Devil’s Pathway” as it used to be just a steep path, wild and not fully paved and suitable for normal traffic.

Due to its spectacular settings, Transalpina road is a must for adventure lovers – it is the host of numerous events such as the Transalpina Bike Fest, the Transalpina Winter Bike, the Porsche Adventure Tour of Romania or the Mercedes-Benz Chasing Stars adventure and the area recently opened up ski resorts

From here we head to Sibiu, Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, central Romania. It’s known for Germanic architecture in its old town, the legacy of 12th-century Saxon settlers. Around the city are the remains of medieval walls and towers, including the 13th-century Council Tower. In the upper town, Brukenthal Palace now houses the Brukenthal National Museum, with European paintings. The nearby Evangelical Cathedral has gravestones in its walls! We aim to arrive here early to mid afternoon giving you time to explore the city.

Distance: 104 miles
Time: 3 hours (not including stops)



For those of you who’ve watched Top Gear you may remember the trio filming in Romania and the moment they arrived at the Transfagarasan Highway, described by many, including Jeremy Clarkson, as one of the most perfect roads in all of Europe, he quoted; “as if every corner and every bend from every race track has been knitted together…”

As the Transfagarasen Highway is one of the main highlights of the tour we will spend a fair bit of time here and enjoy it. Cameras should be fully charged and poised at the ready! After our play, we head for the famous Bran Castle, Dracula’s Home! Due to the time and traffic we may visit the castle the following morning, it is quieter then and the tourist crowds aren’t so plentiful. It also means we don’t have to rush away from the famous mountain pass!

Distance: 163 miles
Time: Approx 5 hours (not including stops)



As the hotel is less than a mile from Bran Castle it makes sense to visit the castle this morning, beating the tourists and having plenty of time to look around if you wish. There are also some stalls and shops here for you to buy souvenirs if you wish. From Bran Castle we ride a short while to Peles Castle, Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883

We then head into Putna – Vrancea Natural Park through some spectacular forest roads and waterfalls onto Adjud

Distance: 181 miles
Time: Approx 5.30 hours (not including stops)
Today may be a later finish depending on the amount of time spent in the castles unless Bran Castle is visited the evening before



Today we head to Adjud, just 60km from Moldova. On route we head through Putna – Vrancea Natural Park and encounter some beautiful scenery, riding alongside lakes and mountains in the Carpathian Mountain range. Tonight and tomorrow, we stay in Botosani.

Distance: 205 miles
Time: 5.5 hours (without stops)



Popauti Monastery is just one of the many monasteries that can be seen in Botosani with frescos painted on the exterior. There is a chance to experience the culture and architecture of Romania on this day off, or just relax and take it all in.

Free day to do as you please!



We head west today through Rodnei Mountains National Park in the Carpathian Mountains for more mountain roads and superb scenery. Staying the night just outside Turda in our hotel

Distance: 243 miles
Time: 6.5 hours (not including stops)



A short ride from the hotel leads us to Salina Turda Salt Mine. The Turda Salt Mine is now a veritable history museum of salt mining. The excellent state of preservation of mining and machinery used to transport salt, together with the cautious work carried out for preparing the mine to become a tourist attraction, have made history and legend meet harmoniously here. The increasing number of tourists arriving from distant geographical areas to visit the mine are a confirmation of interest and historical value.

We will arrive at 09.00 at the mine, it costs approx £6 entry. There will be plenty a couple of hours to explore before heading off through the Apuseni Natural Park, where bears, Lynx and Wolves may still be seen roaming amongst the forest. After latest evaluations it was found that in the Apuseni Natural Park live 26 wolves, 12 lynxes, and only 21 bears.

We stay the night in Moneasa in the mountains

Distance: 190 miles
Time: 5.5 hours (not including stops)



There’s no easy way of jazzing today up, we have some fair few miles to ride to cross through Hungary mostly on motorways to get back over to the Alps. So today will be plenty of short stops, every 100 miles or so for fuel and refreshments. We spend the night in the eastern side of the Austrian Alps.

Distance: 380 miles
Time: 6.5 hours (not including stops)



We make our way back to Calais via Austria, Germany and France taking some scenic, off motorway routes where possible before returning to Calais

Distance: Average miles 280 – 300 per day

Itinerary may be subject to change

DATES 2018 

  • Saturday 7th July 2018 – Sunday 22nd July 2018 (16 days)


Includes: Eurotunnel return, 15 nights Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Tour Guide 24/7, Route Maps etc Hassle free touring – everything is organised and you have support from a professional every step of the way!

  1. Single rider sharing a twin roomOnly £1595 
  2. Rider & Pillion sharing a double/twin – Only £2995 Total Cost 
  3. Rider with single roomOnly £2399 

Our Romanian Motorcycle Tour includes the following:

  1. Professional experienced tour guide that has already ridden this route/tour
  2. Eurotunnel return from Folkestone to Calais
  3. 15 nights bed and breakfast in quality hotels (2, 3 & 4 star)
  4. Daily GPS route maps for your sat nav (with installation support)
  5. Full detailed itinerary for each day
  6. Full UK support
  7. Free tour guide
  8. Pre Check List
  9. Insurance recommendations
  10. Border crossing assistance from your tour guide (so you don’t get ripped off!)
  11. Incredible views and roads of the Carpathian Mountains
  12. All images and video taken on the tour by the tour guide
  13. A free edited 1 hour video of your tour showing the highlights
  14. and more…
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