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During the lockdown I entertained myself by writing a book about my travels to Tunisia in Africa, it gave me an opportunity to break away from the propaganda and all the gloom that was going on, I am still writing it and hope to have it finished by the end of this year

The book includes the mention of a good friend of mine who was one of my first customers on the European camping tour we ran back in 2015. Tom (pictured above looking somewhat nervous because the police and army turned up) is an energetic rider, like me, and spends most of his spring or autumn riding around deserts on KTM’s. We got on well and a relationship developed, leading to Tom joining me on recces, one of those being a recce to Tunisia in north Africa in March last year.

We set off early one morning in March, it was dark and cold, verging on freezing temperatures as we headed to the ferry in Poole Dorset to catch the boat to France. I only had a short window of opportunity before heading out on a tour myself with customers so we had to get this done in 11 days.

It would be hard going, although that didn’t deter us, we loved a challenge, an adventure, something that is beyond the normal realms of what most people do.

Our journey would push us beyond our limits, as we rode through snowy blizzards for 500 miles in one day through France, negotiated with customs so we could get out of the chaotic Tunisian port and deal with 40 degree centigrade heat in the desert. As well this, we had to ride over an un-pathed muddy mountain to escape a riot that nearly ended up with us being dragged off our bikes and beaten by metal bars.

We gained the attention from the Tunisian army and the Police Commissioner in Subaytilah (pic above) wondering if they were going to use their big machine guns against us, and rode through sand storms blasted by 80mph side winds over gravel surfaces that felt like 50 miles of speed bumps.  We also rode within a few miles of the Libyan border and regretted it. Above all, we had an adventure, we survived and we loved it, apart from the bit when Tom was nearly pulled off his bike by angry protesters!

The book describes the highs and lows of our journey, the unexpected situations we came to end up in the middle of, and explains how Tom was a few seconds away from calling my misses, to say I had been beaten to death by a large gathering of angry Arabs.

We survived to tell the tale and it will soon be ready for your reading pleasure, with a little wit and humour thrown in for good measure.

Stay tuned, watch this space or message below if you would like to be kept up to date on it’s release! 




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